How to get Legendary sailor Berald in Lost Ark

Take to the seas with Berald, the Legendary sailor.

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Lost Ark players will need a ship to cross Arkesia’s vast oceans in pursuit of distant lands and new content. To man this ship, however, they’ll need a crew of capable and able-bodied sailors to keep this ship sailing smoothly. While crew hired in the early-game can provide tiny bonuses to seafaring performance, later crewmates, such as the Legendary sailor Berald, can help to brave the toughest seas across the game world.

Finding and hiring Berald

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The sailor known as Berald actually takes two forms — one of Relic quality, and the other of Legendary quality. While Berald’s Relic form narrowly outperforms his Legendary form, Legendary Berald is far easier for players to get.

Berald’s Legendary variant can be found and hired on one of the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessels that frequent the port cities of major continents. Often found at sea just near these ports, these vessels will despawn and respawn in their designated positions in 15-minute intervals.

The Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel that offers Berald, as well as the Crew Application Form required to hire him, most often frequents the shores of Feiton. This particular ship offers his services at a one-time price of 40,080 Pirate Coins, where coins of this type can easily be obtained from Sailing Coin Selection Chests.

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Berald’s talents shine best when aboard Eibern’s Wound, the unlockable, player-owned ghost ship. Oriented toward sailing on dead waters and tempest seas, he is highly suited for exploring western Arkesia’s hazardous waters, especially those found beyond Procyon’s Wall.

Additionally, while participating in ghost ship instances with Berald as an active crewmate, the player will receive statistical combat buffs while exploring the abandoned ship. These include 120% increased damage output and 20% faster attack speed, 60% reduced incoming damage, and 40% faster movement while onboard.