The best settings in Super People for improving FPS

Get the best possible performance.


Developed by Wonder PeopleSuper People is a fresh take on the saturated battle royale genre. The game brings in elements from a standard battle royale but with a twist. As the title of the game suggests, players have superpowers that transcend the normal gameplay of a battle royale. It’s critical to have high frame rates if you plan to play Super People. Low FPS might cause lag, putting you at a disadvantage against other players. That said, you can increase the overall FPS by adjusting the in-game graphic settings.

Best settings for FPS boost

To get the best possible performance and FPS boost, players can try the settings below:

  • Resolution- 1920 x 1080
  • Display Mode- Full Screen
  • Maximum Frame Rate Limit- Set same as your monitor’s max refresh rate
  • Limit Lobby Frame Rate- 60 FPS
  • Vertical Sync- Disable
  • Smooth Frame Rate- Disable
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency- Disable
  • Brightness- User’s preference
  • FPP Mode FOV- 110
  • Rendering Size- 100
  • Overall Graphics Quality- Medium
  • Textures- Medium
  • Shadows- Very Low
  • View Distance- Very Low
  • Foliage- Very Low
  • Effects- Low
  • Shader- Very Low
  • Anti-aliasing- Very Low
  • Post Processing- Very Low
  • Depth of Field- Disable
  • Sharpen- User’s preference
  • AMD FidelityFX SR- Disable
  • NVIDIA DLSS- Disable

Apart from the settings mentioned above, there are other measures that players can take to ensure a better FPS count. This includes turning off unwanted background applications and overlays or cleaning cache memory.