The Best Sorceress builds in Lost Ark

For dungeon-raiding parties, the Sorceress is absolutely magical.

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Featuring one of the most varied and interesting skillsets in all of Lost Ark, the Sorceress takes advantage of her long-range, high-damage capabilities to punish enemies for so much as being in her postal code — so long as they aren’t right next door.

Survivability: Staying alive

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With the lowest base health pool out of all current classes in Lost Ark, the Sorceress is the very definition of squishy.

Her long-range attacks give her the opportunity to avoid most incoming damage, but many of her spells take a few seconds to cast. This delay often grants enemies the window they need to advance and attack.

Unlike other classes, however, the Sorceress’s dash isn’t a physical “dash” per se, but instead a blink that can warp her through enemies and out from crowds.

Additionally, if overrun, the Sorceress has a few close-range spells that are relatively quicker to use.

  • Squall: Wind attack that pushes foes within a narrow cone in front of the user away, best used when kiting enemies in single-file
  • Reverse-Gravity: Casts a circular AoE attack from the user’s feet that sends enemies within range airborne and out of attacking range

Despite these failsafe techniques, the bulk of a Sorceress’s time in combat is spent either casting spells or fleeing from the aftermath.

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Playstyle: The Deathball

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The Sorceress benefits when casting spells into piles of enemies to dish out as much damage as she can manage.

When tailing a tankier, melee-based ally, she can cast powerful AoE spells into the crowd of enemies that gather around them, simultaneously targeting as many enemies as possible.

  • Lightning Vortex: Wide ball of lightning that repeatedly damages and pulls together all enemies caught in its range
  • Inferno: Deploys a wide, circular fire attack at the crosshair, staggering enemies with high damage and exploiting boss weak points
  • Explosion: Launches an incredibly high-damage fireball that explodes in AoE after traveling a medium distance or hitting an enemy

Dealing damage with these options will yield the Sorceress with charge to their Mysterious Magic Meter. When this meter is over 30% charged, the Sorceress can access new, performance-boosting abilities.

  • Arcane Rupture: increases overall magic damage when active, entering Magic Enhanced State when over 30% charge and the more powerful Arcane Torrent at full charge
  • Blink: Warps the Sorceress through enemies, much like her dash, but over a longer range and through boss enemies

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