The best starting gift in Elden Ring

Choose wisely, tarnished.

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Before starting your journey through the Lands Between in Elden Ring, players have to make a few important decisions about their character. Players need to pick the best class and, just as importantly, need to pick a keepsake item. There is are ten options to choose from, but some of the keepsakes are significantly better than the other ones, although it does depend on your class and play style. Here is the best keepsake in Elden Ring.

All keepsake items in Elden Ring

There are ten options to choose from, however one of them is to not take a keepsake. That option is for players that don’t want the added benefit.

  • Crimson Amber Medallion: A medallion inlaid with crimson amber. Increases maximum HP.
  • Lands Between Rune: The gold grace shining in the eyes of the people of the Lands Between. Use to gain 3,000 runes.
  • Golden Seed: A golden seed washed ashore from the Lands Between. Gain one Sacred Flask use.
  • Fanged Imp Ashes: The ashes of small, diminutive golems. Gives the Imp spirit, which can be used to summon Imps to fight with you.
  • Cracked Pot: Three strange cracked pots that somehow mend themselves. Used in crafting throwable items, like fire bombs.
  • Stonesword Key: Two stone keys shaped like swords. Breaks the seal on imp statues, but can only be used once.
  • Bewitching Branch: Five sacred branches charged with beguiling power. These items create a fog that charms enemies, so they don’t attack you.
  • Boiled Prawn: Five pieces of boiled prawn. Boost physical damage negation.
  • Shabriri’s Woe: The crazed likeness of a noble whose eyes have been gouged out. Attracts enemies’ aggression

The best keepsake item

The best keepsake item to choose is the Golden Seed. While it is a consumable like many of the other keepsake items, it gives the permeant bonus of having one extra flask early in the game. This also means you have a head start that never really goes away, since when you find more Golden Seeds, you will continue having one more flask than you should.

Two other good options are the Crimson Amber Medallion and the Lands Between Rune. The medallion gives an HP boost, which is useful for any character, but especially useful for classes that don’t start with a high vigor stat. The Lands Between Rune can give a quick level boost for players at the start of the game, which is useful if you pick one of the lower level classes.

Most of the other keepsakes are consumable items that you will acquire anyway. Some players might want the Cracked Pot, since it gives reusable crafting items to make firebombs, but those same items can be purchased for cheap from the first merchant you will encounter, KalĂ© at the Church of Elleh. For players who want an extra challenge, Shabriri’s Woe exists, although most enemies in this game want to fight you on sight anyway.