Should you kill Igor Kuzmin in Zero Sievert? Answered

It seems a bit rude, at the very least.

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One request is inevitable as every new hunter begins exploring the Forest in Zero Sievert. There, you’ll find a lonely shack with a solitary man, whiling away the late hours of his life. Named Igor Kuzmin, players will get a request from General Artemovich to end this man’s life. Should you kill Igor Kuzmin?

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What is Igor Kuzmin’s questline in Zero Sievert?

Before carrying out the task from General Artemovich, players should first check Igor to see if there are any tasks he has available for completion. Quest chains in Zero Sievert operate much as they do in Escape from Tarkov, where players need to complete certain actions for individuals while ‘in-raid.’ Igor Kuzmin requests ten pieces of raw meat, an easy tasking with the numerous wild animals and ghouls in the area. Give Igor the ten pieces of meat for the additional ammunition and 2,500 Roubles, quickly completing his quest chain.

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It’s also possible, upon receiving the quest, to grab ten pieces of meat from your stash and bring them with you in your inventory, streamlining this process. You do not need to complete this questline before ending Igor Kuzmin, but it’s difficult to find ammunition in the early game, and this quick quest can help mitigate certain early-game pains. There is little worse than being cornered by foes and your magazine running dry.

Is it safe to kill Igor Kuzmin?

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The only task that Igor has for players is to receive ten pieces of meat — after completing this, players can safely kill Igor Kuzmin. Players can opt to eliminate the gentleman before completing his questline, but they will not receive another opportunity to pick up early-game ammunition through this specific quest chain. Players can also eliminate Igor before receiving the quest from the Green Army general, allowing them to instantly turn in the quest upon receiving it, without needing to deploy into a raid. The Green Army quest line will not continue until Igor Kuzmin has perished, and there is a lot of gear locked behind this reputation grind. At the end of the day, Igor Kuzmin needs to die.

Igor Kuzmin’s weapons

Igor Kuzmin doesn’t put up a fight, regardless of what you engage with. That said, he does drop a sniper rifle and a TOZ shotgun upon his death, either of which works well to accentuate your selected primary weapon received at the start of the game. If you opt of the EC 47U, however, the Nozin Makant is a perfect pairing — the long-range ability the Nozin offers pairs well with a bullet-hose of any type, allowing players to effectively engage in all conditions. The TOZ works well enough until it can be replaced by the Green Army trader, Alexei Andreevich, with an NB 153 or Boulder.