All heroes in Clash of Clans ranked from worst to best

Which of the four main heroes should you upgrade first?

Image via Supercell

Some of the most powerful units in Clash of Clans are the heroes. You can build them as you progress through the town hall levels of the game. They are expensive to upgrade but fiercely powerful. Utilizing the heroes for attack and defense strategies can make the difference between taking no stars and collecting all three. 

While all of them have their uses and will be an asset to any army composition, some of the heroes present a more compelling case to create your strategies around or offer more in both attack and defense. Here, we will look at which ones you should look to invest in before any other.

Note that as it is not part of the main set of heroes in the home village, the Battle Machine used in the Builder Village is not on this list. Here are the heroes available in Clash of Clans ranked from worst to best. 

Barbarian King

When you first unlock the Barbarian King, the feeling of having the hulking great barbarian troop is excellent. In the lower town hall levels, where defenses are not as strong and the king does huge damage, he can be incredibly useful. 

However, his damage scaling is poor, meaning that he sees less purpose in higher play simply because golems work as better tanks, and several other units are better attackers. The king can still work as a sweeper for building around a base, but funneling him into a base doesn’t really serve much purpose when he’s a melee character. It’s much smarter to leave it to the range cast to deal with it.

Royal Champion

The latest hero to be added to the Clash family, the Royal Champion is a spear-wielding warrior who can attack from afar and has an ability which throws a shield around the map at a number of buildings, targeting defenses to give your team a clearer path to the Town Hall.

In terms of power level, the royal champion is possibly a little higher than the Grand Warden, but the problem is that aside from the damage and the shield throw, she doesn’t really have much of an impact on the board. She can pump in high damage, and being ranged puts her above the Barbarian King, but the lack of utility compared to the next two heroes places her as the third-best hero in the game.

Grand Warden

Easily the best hero for offering utility to the rest of your army, the Grand Warden is not so much for an aggressive hero as he is a supporting one. His damage is not that high, but he offers Life Aura, a huge aura ability that boosts all units within its reach by giving them a health boost all the while they are inside it. His active ability goes one step further and throws invincibility on those inside the aura for a brief period, which is excellent for the bigger attacks from the likes of eagle artilleries.

The Life Aura ability is passive, meaning it will always be working, and he also acts as a defensive tower while in defense with his aura active, meaning that your clan castle troops also receive the boost. This would have put him at the top if it wasn’t for his lack of personal attacking potential. A little more damage and he would have made a case for coming out on top.

Archer Queen

The bonafide best hero in the game, the Archer Queen is a fantastic unit that can be absolutely devastating in both attack and defense. Her damage output is solid, and strategies can be built around funneling her into a base much easier compared to any other hero. Alternatively, she can also be used with Healer troops that simply follow her around while she smashes buildings around the base walls without taking significant damage.

But what really makes the Archer Queen so good is her active ability which allows her to cloak herself, making her invisible for a few seconds. This is good for the simple reason that you can quickly reset any aggro that she has taken from defenses and place it on another more tanky troop. This means that if used correctly, you can create a second wave that defenses have to get through before they take out the hero. 

She is also very helpful in defense due to the range of her attack, while also being able to target aerial troops. This combined with her attacking prowess makes her the best hero in the game.