All heroes in Clash of Clans ranked from worst to best

Who’s the best of the five?

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Clash of Clans offers a wide range of troops, from basic cannon fodder to stronger units to machines and spells. At the top of the food chain are heroes, which only have to be trained once before being deployed on the battlefield. They’re often the stars of the show, leading the charge to the opponent’s town hall. But which heroes should you be focusing on? There’s a clear #1 hero in the game, and the other heroes rank behind her. See the full list below.

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5. Battle Machine

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The Battle Machine sits at the bottom of the list for one simple reason: it’s relegated to the Builder Base and isn’t usable in your regular Home Base. It’s a shame, since its mechanics are so different from the other heroes in the game. The Battle Machine doesn’t defend — it’s either attacking or being repaired. It’s an effective tank, but without being able to bring it into your main Home Base Battles, its perks are mostly a moot point.

4. Barbarian King

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Speaking of tanks, the Barbarian King very much fits the bill. He plays this role well in low-level play, where he can take and receive lots of damage. Unfortunately, this strength drops off as you get into higher-level battles. If you want tanks later on, you’re better served using a team of Golems — the Golem Quarry added in the Capital update can provide the biggest one in the entire game.

3. Grand Warden

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The Grand Warden sits firmly in the middle of the rankings, a perfect average hero that’s good for any army. His aura heals all units within its range, and when you use his active ability, the aura will also shield units with temporary invincibility. That’s a maneuver that can totally turn the tide of battle. He doesn’t do much in terms of damage-dealing, but his supporting perks are incredibly useful.

2. Royal Champion

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The Royal Champion is the inverse of the Grand Warden in a sense. Where he’s all about support with mediocre attacks, she stands tall as an attacker with no support utility. The Royal Champion’s spear and shield are excellent for dealing big damage at range. If you need a unit to lead the charge, this is the easy choice.

1. Archer Queen

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The Archer Queen has long been considered the best hero in the game by just about every player. Her crossbow lets her deal heavy damage from afar, and she can heal troops as well — the best parts of the #2 and #3 heroes on this list. What’s more, she can temporarily go invisible by cloaking herself, giving you a chance to retreat or reposition. Mobility, high attack power, and the range to hit any troop in the game make her an undeniable queen.