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Image via Wargaming

The 10 best tanks in World of Tanks and how to get them

The best tanks that you can choose to help you win more battles.

There is a reason that Wargaming’s World of Tanks has become a steadily popular multiplayer game beyond just being free — the game offers a deep and extensive experience for players to enjoy. It is full of numerous kinds of tanks, each with their own upgrades and progression and levels to work up to unlock more tanks. Due to a large number of tanks, it can be rather overwhelming for new players as most don’t know what makes a good tank yet, or why some tanks are better in some situations than others.

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Whether you are new to the scene or a returning player, there are some great tanks for every tier. They can all be purchased in the in-game store and will not need any premium currency, though you are free to use it if you like. But with some practice, teamwork, and tactics, anyone can get these tanks for themselves.

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What are the best Tanks in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is full of tanks for you to try out, and we encourage you to go beyond this list and experiment to find what works for you. But if you’re looking for a bit of help, these tanks are all great options to help get you on track to winning.

First, a brief breakdown of how this ranking works: you’ll notice that we have the tanks broken down into tiers. Tiers are, essentially, the levels or leagues in the game. You start at Tier 1 and work your way up to Tier X. Tanks of different tiers are able to fight against each other, but you usually see tanks of the same tier when you play.

Every tank has its uses, and it’s not going to break you if you don’t have the tanks listed here. Each tank in this list has the highest win rate in the community lists and great utility in combat. This doesn’t mean you are invincible with these tanks or that every game will be easily won. You still need practice and must work together with your allies to succeed. These tanks just make it easier to stay alive and participate.

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Tier I – Leichttraktor

Image via World of Tanks

The Leichttraktor has the best gun among the Tier 1 tanks and is one of your starting tanks. You won’t need to do anything to unlock it. The tank has the best view range in Tier 1 (30 more than any other tank), and the mobility is solid. The armor isn’t the best but it can bounce off a few stray shells. Despite its deficit with armor, it has the highest win rate among Tier 1 tanks and is recommended for newcomers.

Tier II – Renault R35

Image via World of Tanks

The Renault R35 can be bought for 3,850 credits in the in-game store. While it is identical in playstyle to the Hotchkiss H35, the Renault R35 has better armor and can survive longer in combat. It isn’t the most accurate tank, but being able to survive gives a significantly better advantage compared to other tanks. It also has an easier time moving around terrain and is faster than most Tier II tanks. As long as you don’t get ambushed and shot from behind, the Renault R35 will serve you well.

Tier III – Cruiser Mk III

Image via World of Tanks

The Cruiser Mk III can be bought for 38,000 credits in the in-game store. It is not the fastest tank, and its slow speed can let it down. The Cruiser Mk III makes up for that with amazing firepower. It isn’t too bothered by hilly terrain and has some of the best power-weight ratio out of all the Tier III tanks. Moving this tank around will require some practice, but you can easily fortify your position and destroy other tanks with ease. Just be careful about getting attacked yourself since the Cruiser isn’t the most durable tank.

Tier IV – Matilda

Image via World of Tanks

The Matilda can be purchased for 140,000 credits in the in-game store. It has some of the best health among Tier IV tanks and can take a considerable number of attacks. The Matilda can endure a few firefights, ensuring that any enemies caught in its grasp will pay. You will need to pay attention to the damage per shot, as it isn’t high. It doesn’t move quickly either, but it’s a fantastic tank when it can get into position.

Tier V – AT 2

Image via World of Tanks

The AT 2 Tank can be purchased for 425,000 credits in the in-game store. Its armor has been downgraded in recent updates, but it still packs a considerable amount of defense. Coupled with its amazing offense, you have a tank that can take hits and deal them out. You will need to practice using the tank effectively, as it doesn’t move quickly, and you must get used to the reduced armor. But with proper practice and upgrades, this will be an amazing Tier V tank.

Tier VI – KV-2

Image via World of Tanks

The KV-2 tank can be purchased from the in-game store for 920,000 credits. For its tier, it has one of the most powerful guns that you can find on a tank. It’s not a beginner-friendly tank, as you need to get close to a tank to have the best effects. You also have to get used to players trying to take you out first since this tank has a great gun. With enough practice, you can go around the field and begin decimating players when you get close enough. Make sure that you equip the proper upgrades, and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Tier VII – T71 DA

Image via World of Tanks

The arrival of the T71 DA has made the AMX 13 75 tank nearly obsolete. It costs 1,400,000 credits in the in-game shop and is better at everything than the AMX 13 75 tank was. It has great mobility and has one of the best guns you can find in Tier VII. It is also a popular counter to some Tier IX and X light tanks. It isn’t great at hiding itself, and the accuracy of the tank can be poor. But its mobility and firepower make up for the lack of stealth and can let this tank dominate even against higher-tier tanks.

Tier VIII – Emil I

Image via World of Tanks

The Emil I costs 2,540,000 credits to purchase in the in-game store. It is small, which helps it hide and take cover from other tanks. However, it is fragile, and its armor type can be easily pierced. You will need upgrades in order to make the gun effective, but you will be able to punch through tank armor with the right ones. Your gun elevation and depression will be crucial for hunting down weak spots in armor. Hiding in cover and then attacking enemies when they haven’t noticed you is the way to go.

Tier IX – AMX M4 mle. 51

Image via World of Tanks

The AMX M4 mle. 51 tank is worth 3,580,000 credits in the in-game store. It is a support-style tank and needs to work with heavier tanks to do damage. This tank’s role is to look out and prevent enemy flanking positions. Unless cover is plentiful, you are unlikely to fight battles on your own. But with good mobility and great accuracy on both guns, you aren’t likely to run into many problems if you need to support another tank.

Tier X – Object 268 Version 4

Image via World of Tanks

The Object 268 Version 4 tank is worth 6,100,000 credits in the in-game store. When this tank is spotted, everyone will be doing their best to destroy it. It can’t rotate its turret, and it moves slowly. But if you manage to point your guns toward an enemy, they are likely unable to retaliate effectively. With powerful shots that have good penetration and frontal armor that can cause ammo to bounce, few tanks can stand up to the Object 268 Version 4 tank.

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