The Best Toppings for each Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Be prepared for what’s to come.

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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, a free-to-play mobile game, strategy is everything. Despite its cookie looks, if you don’t come in with the best loadout for your Cookies, you won’t be able to pass the later chapters in story mode or make it very far into competitive play. One of the ways you can make your Cookies stronger is by equipping Toppings on them. Toppings give your Cookies buffs, such as a reduced Cooldown or increased Attack speed (SPD).

However, not all Toppings work on every Cookie, and some toppings are better than others. For example, you wouldn’t want to equip an Attack SPD Topping like Bouncy Caramel on someone like Herb Cookie, who would benefit better from either Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate. These Toppings will increase his healing to his teammates or decrease his cooldown in his skill respectively. So, it’s essential to know what each Topping does before equipping anything beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay gold in order to unequip it from your Cookie.

Tip for equipping Toppings

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A common piece of advice the community gives to new players is to equip one to two kinds of Toppings to your Cookie, three Toppings in very rare cases. While the first part of this advice may seem ill-advised, this is something we also highly recommend. This is to get the best value out of your Cookie, and you don’t want to waste slots by equipping multiple Toppings that won’t yield any results.

The Best Toppings for each Cookie

Adventurer CookieBouncy Caramel (x2) and Searing Raspberry (x3) or Searing Raspberry (x5)
Affogato CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Alchemist CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Almond CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Angel CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Avocado CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Beet CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Blackberry CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Black Raisin CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Caramel Arrow CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Searing Raspberry (x3) and Solid Almond (x2)
Carrot CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Cherry Cookie Swift Chocolate (x5) or Searing Raspberry (x5)
Cherry Blossom CookieSearing Raspberry (x3) and Swift Chocolate (x2)
Chili Pepper CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Clotted Cream CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Clover CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Cocoa CookieSolid Almond (x3) and Swift Chocolate (x2)
Cotton CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Cream Puff CookieJuicy Apple Jelly (x3) and Swift Chocolate (x2)
Custard CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Dark Cacao CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Dark Choco CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Devil CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Eclair CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Espresso CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Fig CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Frost Queen CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Gingerbrave CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Gumball CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Herb CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Hollyberry CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Knight CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Kumiho CookieSolid Almond (x5) or Solid Almond (x2) and Swift Chocolate (x3)
Latte CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Licorice CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Lilac CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Madeleine CookieSearing Raspberry (x2) and Solid Almond (x3)
Mala Sauce CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Solid Almond (x5)
Mango CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Milk CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Mint Choco CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Moon Rabbit CookieSolid Almond (x5) or Solid Almond (x3) and Searing Raspberry (x2)
Muscle CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Ninja CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Onion CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Pancake CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Parfait CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Pastry CookieSearing Raspberry (x3) and Bouncy Caramel (x2) or Searing Raspberry (x5)
Poison Mushroom CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Pomegranate CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Princess CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Pumpkin Pie CookieSolid Almond (x5) or Searing Raspberry (x2) and Solid Almond (x3)
Pure Vanilla CookieSolid Almond (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Purple Yam CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Raspberry CookieSwift Chocolate (x3) and Solid Almond (x2)
Red Velvet CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Rye CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Sea Fairy CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Snow Sugar CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Sonic CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Sorbet Shark CookieSearing Raspberry (x5) or Swift Chocolate (x5)
Sparkling CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Squid Ink CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Strawberry CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Strawberry Crepe CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Tails CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Tea Knight CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Tiger Lily CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)
Twizzly Gummy CookieJuicy Apple Jelly (x5) or Searing Raspberry (x5)
Vampire CookieSearing Raspberry (x5)
Werewolf CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Wildberry CookieSolid Almond (x5)
Wizard CookieSwift Chocolate (x5)