The 10 best underrated Nintendo Switch games

Fun Nintendo Switch games that you don’t know about.

Image via PlatinumGames

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a long time, and it has built up an impressive library of games. Some titles have been amazing successes, and were given great reviews upon their release. Others may have been just as enjoyable, but didn’t receive the same attention or praise that the other titles received. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great games in their own right.

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Many underrated Switch games fall under the radar, but will still make great additions to your gaming library. Here are 10 of the best underrated Nintendo Switch games that didn’t get as much attention, but are games that deliver fantastic experiences regardless.

10) Overboard

Image via Inkle Studios

Most murder mystery games have you trying to find the culprit, but what do you do when you are the culprit? Overboard puts you in the role of a woman who recently pushed her husband off a ship. Your goal is to throw off the various investigators who come to search. There are several endings depending on your actions, and it’s a great twist on the murder mystery formula.

9) Arms

Image via Nintendo

Arms is a fighting game where you use the Joy-Cons to throw punches at your opponent. Each character has unique tricks they can use to get the advantage, though everyone has the same basic moveset. It’s a game that’s great for moving around and being active, while also being a decent fighting game.

8) Let’s Build A Zoo

Image via Let’s Build A Zoo Wiki

Building a zoo sounds like your typical management game, but Let’s Build A Zoo takes that to a relaxing degree. You can build up your zoo however you like, and there’s no penalty for going your own way. The type of zoo you make depends on the choices you make, and affects how your zoo looks. There are also a variety of cute animals which are a joy to spend time with.

7) Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition

Image via Nintendo

The follow-up to Sunless Seas lets you soar through the skies. You determine what kind of skyfarer you want to be, and what you will do to get there. While the beginning can be slow, you eventually unravel several mini-adventures and work with a varied crew. The map is different with every playthrough, forcing you to travel and explore to find your bearings.

6) Banner of the Maid

Image via Nintendo

While Fire Emblem Engage has hit the Switch, it’s not the only turn-based strategy game on the market. Banner of the Maid takes the turn-based combat Fire Emblem is known for and adds the class systems of the Final Fantasy Tactics series. It’s not as well known as either franchise, but it is still an interesting game with a re-imagining of the French Revolution.

5) Finding Paradise

Image via Nintendo

From the creators of To The Moon, Finding Paradise takes you on another emotional adventure where you delve into the past of a person about to die. While it may be a game that plays more like a visual novel, the story alone is bound to touch your heart and tug at your heartstrings. Its bittersweet content will have you reflecting on your life as well.

4) Beacon Pines

Image via Nintendo

Beacon Pines is a short game, but the story is where the game’s strength truly shines. Stepping into the shoes of Luka VanHorn, you must find out what is going on in your town, and why no one seems to acknowledge the weird happenings. It’s an unusual game which utilizes the strength of the uneasy feeling without using any of the standard horror tropes.

3) Rune Factory 5

Image via XSEED Games

While Stardew Valley is a farming game that comes to mind on the Switch, Rune Factory 5 was also a strong contender in the past. Unfortunately, it’s overshadowed by Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, which grew in popularity faster than Rune Factory. Despite that, Rune Factory 5 is a solid combination of farming and combat, improving on the Harvest Moon formula.

2) Eastward

Image via Pixpil Games

If you want an old-school SNES adventure, you can’t go wrong with Eastward. While investigating the strange happenings around your mining town, you use your Psychic powers to uncover a greater mystery. The mechanics are solid and gameplay is fun, with a solid story to boot. It may not be the pinnacle of graphics, but every aspect fits the story well.

1) Astral Chain

Image via Nintendo

From the creators of Bayonetta comes another action packed story involving creatures from another dimension. You take the role of a police officer who gains the ability to fight against the dimensional invaders, while uncovering a dangerous plot that threatens existence. While the story isn’t particularly strong, the combat and gameplay are solid, and the mechanics are easy to pick up.