The best Vex Mythoclast build in Destiny 2

Make this ancient weapon even more powerful.

Image via Bungie

The Vex Mythoclast made its triumphant return in Destiny 2 a few months ago within the Vault of Glass and, while it was exciting to get, it felt underwhelming to use and ended up in most guardians vaults. Players were quick to voice their wishes for the fabled exotic, hoping it would get far more powerful in seasons to come. It would seem that most players got their wish in Season of the Lost with both a buff to the gun and the introduction of a meta-defining artifact mod.

Particle Deconstruction — The foundation of the build

Every new season in Destiny 2 brings along an artifact that focuses on a certain class of weapons. In Season of the Lost, it’s all about fusion and linear fusion rifles, offering mods such as Fusion Rifle Loader, Enhanced Linear Fusion Rifle Targeting, Fusion Rifle Scavenger, and even an Unstoppable Fusion Rifles mod for those pesky champions. The big mod available, however, is Particle Deconstruction. Dealing damage to a combatant with a Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle grants bonus damage with a Fusion Rifle or Linear Fusion Rifle against that combatant for a short duration with Particle Deconstruction equipped. This effect stacks up to five times. To put it bluntly, with this single mod equipped, Vex Mythoclast reaches a roughly 40% damage buff after shooting something five times.

Particle Deconstruction is an easy mod to get, only requiring you to achieve 12 unlocks within your seasonal artifact. Players can accomplish this quickly by simply playing the game but can be accelerated by farming XP via bounties or the thrallway within the Shattered Throne dungeon. Once unlocked, apply the mod to your class item and get ready to tear through enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Charging Vex Mythoclast with Light

While applying Particle Deconstruction alone will let you eliminate minors like nobody’s business, it is possible to develop this build even further to allow you to shred through majors and even some bosses in seconds. Let’s talk about getting charged with light. Getting charged with light in Destiny 2 is simple once you have the right mods, and while many mods allow it, there is one that synergizes perfectly with Vex Mythoclast. Quick Charge allows you to become charged by rapidly defeating opponents with Fusion Rifles.

Once you are charged with light, High Energy Fire comes into play. High Energy Fire allows you to deal bonus damage while charged with light, consuming a charge after every kill and ramping up the damage output of Vex Mythoclast even more. The problem might arise that you only have High Energy Fire for two kills until you have to get another double kill, but that’s where the mod Stacks on Stacks comes in. With Stacks on Stacks, you can increase the amount of charged with light stacks you hold to four, allowing you to continually chain High Energy Fire for practically an additional 20% damage buff at all times. Quick Charge, High Energy Fire, and Stacks on Stacks can all be acquired through Ada-1 if you don’t already have them, so be sure to check her inventory often!

The tip of the damage iceberg

Up to this point, the build has already allowed the Vex Mythoclast to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, but what if I told you we can go even further? Enter elemental well mods. We have been getting these mods since the release of Season of the Chosen, but up until now, builds with them were very niche, and they didn’t have a strong place within the sandbox. That has changed this season, and two mods, in particular, allow the Mythoclast to do even more damage.

You’ll want to start by equipping any solar subclass on any class for this portion of the build to work. Next, equip the Elemental Armaments mod; this will allow you to generate solar wells upon getting kills with the Vex Mythoclast. Next, equip the Font of Might mod, which allows any weapon that has the same damage type of the well you pick up to have increased damage, and Vex Mythoclast just so happens to be solar. This adds another additional damage buff to the weapon. Both Elemental Armaments and Font of Might can be acquired by leveling up the War Table in the H.E.L.M.

At this point, you are practically a walking tank that shreds through any enemy type in your path. This build will allow you to complete any PvE activity in the game with relative ease, even grandmaster nightfalls, with the addition of Unstoppable Fusion Rifles.