The best Warrior builds in Terraria Calamity

Look your enemies in the eyes as you slay them.

Image via Re-logic

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The sandbox Metroidvania Terraria already has massive content, but the popular Calamity mod adds even more. From new enemies and bosses, Calamity brings a lot to bear to Terrarians while offering new ways of tackling these challenges. The melee class of Calamity is called the Warrior and can be accentuated with various equipment to maximize the bang for the buck. Here are the best builds for Calamity Warriors from the start of the game until you tackle the Moon Lord himself.

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Pre-Hardmode Warrior build in Terraria Calamity

Before hardmode is procced, players won’t get too much from dedicating their equipment slots to a singular class. The actual benefit from class systems will come after completing the three Mechanical Bosses, so find the hardest-hitting weapon and get used to the movement and combat of this 2D title. Still, melee BiS is important to note, and the Warrior is all about the melee.

  • Grarble Spear
    • It has decent reach, making all but the Wall of Flesh an easier encounter as you won’t need to be inside of the hit box, taking damage, in order damage your enemies.
      • Gold/Platinum (x5)
      • Marble (x9)
      • Granite (x9)
  • Full Platinum Suit
    • The best armor class Pre-Hardmode, Platinum armor should offer enough protection so you won’t instantly wither away under direct contact. Don’t expect it to do any favors post-Hardmode, however.
      • 360 Platinum Ore (per full set)

Hardmode — Mechanical Bosses Warrior build in Terraria Calamity

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once Hardmode has begun, the real game starts. Life Fruit can be found deeper in the jungle, effectively offering a total of 500 health. Taking the Mechanical Bosses as a Warrior is the final thorn in the side of this class, so be ready for a brutal fight with these three until the Warrior class starts to shine.

  • Evil Smasher
    • This weapon increases in damage with every enemy it kills, offering up to ten stacks. The bad news, however, is that if you’re hit you’ll lose a full stack of damage — if you switch off of the weapon, you lose all stacks of damage. This weapon offers massive DPS if you can manage to fight bosses without being hit. Otherwise, you’ll want the Bladetongue.
      • Destroy 3 altars in the Altars, either Crimson or Demon.
  • Bladetongue
    • A decent alternative to Evil Smasher, Bladetongue fires Ichor at struck enemies, which rends their defense when it hits. Reforge it to a Legendary modifier, and attempt to time your swings so that it hits larger enemies multiple times, causing numerous ichor projectiles.
      • Found fishing in the Crimson.
  • Warrior Emblem
    • Dropped from the Wall of Flesh at a 25% chance, the Warrior Emblem increases outgoing melee damage by 15%. This is a core tenet of the Warrior build in Hardmode — reroll it into a variant of Violent for an additional damage boost (up to 4%).
  • Palladium Armor
    • This is technically the second-strongest armor set for the Mechanical trio, but a full set offers a Rapid Healing buff upon striking an enemy. Using this intelligently means you can effectively stay at full health, as long as you aren’t prone to taking damage consistently.
      • 162 Palladium Ore (full set)

Pre-Lunar bosses Warrior build

Screenshot by Gamepur

From Plantera to Golem, the means of ascending your strength is relatively straightforward, if even necessary. Once the Golem is down, however, and you’ve countered the Martian Invasion for some space-age tech, you’re looking at the Pre-Lunar stage — the Moon Lord is close at hand.

  • Omniblade
    • With a near-180-degree arc upon swinging, a 49% crit chance on hit, and a very fast use speed, the Omniblade is a brilliant piece of weaponry that can cut through almost everything. However, you’ll want to stack the right gear to maximize the critical hit chance with this weapon to give yourself the proper advantage in the wild end-game fights.
      • Katana
      • Life Alloy (x20)
      • Core of Calamity (x10)
  • Avenger Emblem
    • The Avenger Emblem will increase your outgoing DPS by 12%, which is deserving of a trinket slot if you can afford the loss of movement or shield. Built at a Tinkerer’s Workshop, you’ll need the following:
      • Warrior Emblem
      • Ranger Emblem
      • Sorcerer Emblem
  • Bloody Worm Scarf
    • This scarf offers 7 defense, 7% increased damage reduction of incoming damage, and 7% increased melee damage and speed.
      • Bloody Worm Tooth
      • Worm Scarf
  • Beetle Armor
    • With a set total armor of 73, and the additional beetles that will take damage for you, the Beetle Armor is a brilliant set of armor that will keep you alive far longer than you deserve. Coming in either a scale mail or shell with different bonuses, you’ll likely want the Shell variant for the additional armor. Note: The full set will increase the likelihood of enemies attacking you instead of your allies — play appropriately.
      • Beetle Husk (x18)
      • Turtle Helmet
      • Turtle Leggings
      • Turtle Scale Mail