The best weapon combinations in Apex Legends Season 6

These are the all-comers combinations for Season 6 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends weapon combinations combos season 6
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Season 6 of Apex Legends introduced a flurry of weapon changes, shaking up the meta like never before. Everyone’s favorite R-99 is gone up in the sky, to only occasionally return via supply drops. Many other guns moved up in power, displacing previous mainstays like the Havoc.

We have paired the top tier weapons in Season 6 to create combos that don’t require many parts or too much ammo and can win fights at any range. Below are the optimal weapon combinations you can use in Apex Legends this season.

Mastiff + Triple Take or G7 Scout

The Mastiff is a devastating close-range weapon that can still do work over medium-range with proper aim. It is one of the strongest weapons in the game, even without any parts on it. The ironsights are great, perfectly matching the pellet spread when aiming at enemies up close.

Incidentally, the Triple Take also has great ironsights, which have the same magnification as an x1 scope without obscuring your view. This DMR excels at hitting moving targets and is the only weapon you will ever need at medium and long-range. With the Precision Choke hop-up now built into it, the Triple Take can deliver two-tap kills from the moment you pick it up.

The G7 Scout performs similarly to the Triple Take, but it uses the much easier to find light ammo and can fight more reliably in shorter ranges. Like the other two, the Scout is a high burst damage weapon that can end fights in a split second, especially if you can get the drop on your opponent.

Wingman + Flatline or Prowler

The Wingman is a tried and true revolver that’s been at the center of the Apex Legends meta since the beginning. While its power has diminished over many updates, it is still undeniably one of the strongest firearms in the game, able to swiftly put Legends down at long range and up close.

The Flatline and Prowler each pair well with the Wingman since they use the same ammo pool, and don’t compete for any parts with it other than the heavy ammo mag. The Flatline has the added advantage of equipping the x2-4 variable scope, while the Prowler can equip a close-range threat optic. The Wingman can itself have that optic but is better with an x2 Bruiser.

Spitfire + Wingman

This combo is for Rampart only, and it plays similarly to the Wingman-Flatline combo. It takes advantage of Rampart’s Modded Loader passive, which gives her LMGs increased magazine capacity and faster reloads.