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The best weapon combos in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Which weapons to use to survive Eivor's world.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla gives players access to a large variety of weapons and the ability to dual-wield them. Predictably, there are almost too many different weapon combinations to choose just one. To help you pick, we have compiled a list of the best weapon combinations available. These combos will suit a variety of playstyles, so we recommend trying them all to find which works best for you.

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Lagertha’s Axe and Battle Sparth

This combo is one of the most powerful in the game. Lagertha’s Axe increased your damage when surrounded by three or more enemies, increasing further when it’s four or five enemies. That bonus is active for ten seconds when the enemy number drops below three, which should be enough time to decimate your enemies. Using the dual heavy wielding perk, you can then have Battle Sparth in your secondary slot. This is another Dane Axe with the same perks as Lagertha’s Axe, effectively doubling the damage increases you get when surrounded. Each weapon, when fully upgraded, deals around 150 damage without any runes or active perks, meaning you’ll be seeing silly numbers when you raid a settlement armed with them.

Dane Axes

Screenshot by Gamepur

For this combo, you are going to need the Heavy Dual Wield skill. The combination makes use of two Two-Handed Dane Axes and is about pure damage potential. This is the kind of combo you would want if you have no intention of using stealth or ranged attacks in the game. These weapons often increase critical damage when you are surrounded by enemies. Add runes to increase general and critical damage to make them even more powerful and you will be knocking down armies in no time.

Spear and Bearded Axe

This combo requires you to switch hands fairly quickly to maximize damage output. Keep the spear in the offhand to make use of the unique lunge attack. The lunge allows you to deal some major damage to one of your targets then gives them a nice staggering shove away from you. You can use the lunge to toss your target into other enemies to deal a little more damage. After the enemy is staggered you can switch to your axe and rush the opponent with a fast melee combo. Poison your opponents first to deal even more damage with your axe rush.

Excalibur and anything

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Excalibur is one of the legendary, if not the most legendary, weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Any heavy finishers of critical hits with it will blind all nearby enemies, meaning you can swing away with it and can effectively render your enemies defenseless. It doesn’t matter what you pair with it, any combination with Excalibur will make short work of every foe you encounter.

Fafnir’s Fang and Sepulcher Axe

Fafnir’s Fang is a spear you can pick up in Norway, and it’s a great weapon throughout the entire Assassin’s Creed Valhalla campaign. Its damage is increased when surrounded by three enemies, increasing even more with four or five. Sepulcher’s Axe ignites with flames after scoring a critical hit. Combining these two allows you to deal more damage against a higher number of enemies, and nailing a flaming strike will deal damage over time to weaken everyone you swing at.

Hammer and Dagger

The Hammer and Dagger combination follows the same basic principle as the Spear and Bearded Axe. Use the hammer to stagger and knockback enemies, then rush in with the dagger for a fast combo. The biggest downside is that parrying with a hammer is much more difficult than with a spear. With good timing and a little practice though you can get parrying down fairly easily.

Dual Daggers

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Daggers have the highest attack speed in the game. As a result, wielding a pair of them will let you pull off some ridiculously fast combos. This is a combination less about damage or range and more about just letting out your inner Norman Bates. Daggers tend to miss a lot but with such a fast follow up speed it won’t really matter. As long as you can stay on target the enemy will go down very quickly.

Bloodied Scythe and Yngling Seax

Yngling Seax is one of the most unassuming weapons in the game, but it’s a powerful tool in the right hands. it’s already a fast weapon to quickly jab enemies with, but your swing speed increases with each hit. This helps you deal a lot of hits in a small space of time, adding up to big damage. Couple that with Bloodied Scyth, a weapon with a huge damage rating and a perk that gives you a chance to kill enemies with light and heavy finishers on almost any foe with low health, and you’ll kill anyone that stands in your way.

Dual Spears

This combination is a favorite among the AC fanbase. The combination requires the Heavy Dual Wield ability, but lets you cut through enemies with relative ease. Using two spears allows you to keep even agile opponents away fairly easily while letting you deal massive damage to anyone within your long reach. The spears also have a very high attack speed comparable to using dual daggers.

Kopis and Suttungr’s Claw

This weapon combo is for those that want to deal a decent amount of damage but also keep Eivor on their feet. Kopis deals around 110 damage when fully upgraded, and has a perk that restores a small amount of health with every critical hit. It’s perfect because you’ll always benefit from the health boost, but never quite notice it. Suttungru’s Claw stacks a critical damage increase with every hit you land. That stacks up to ten times, meaning you could slash away at enemies, land a powerful critical hit, kill the enemy, and heal Eivor up ready to kill someone else right away.

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