The best weapons to use in Garena Free Fire

Dominate your opponents with these weapons.

Garena Free Fire

As with any other battle royale, mobile or otherwise, weapons in Free Fire are the key to victory. While you can have a great strategy or settings, it all comes down to eliminating your opponents and being the last one standing.  The weapons within Garena’s battle royale Free Fire are plentiful, as each class has over three guns apiece. In this guide, we’ll be giving you the best weapons to use in Free Fire so you can mow down your competition with ease.

4. M1014 Shotgun

Who doesn’t love a shotgun in battle royale titles? Particularly useful in the early game, the M1014 shotgun boasts the highest damage in its class as well as the largest clip, coming in at six. However, what sets it apart is its accuracy, which is deadly at both short and medium-range.

Image via Garena.

Of course, it’s still a shotgun, so it won’t be useful in most of your engagements. Although, if you’re inside of a house or large building, the M1014 could save your life with how much damage it deals up close.

3. MP5 Submachine Gun

If you’re looking for a reliable weapon that’s common to find, look no further than the MP5 SMG. While most of the SMGs are the same in Free Fire, the MP5 combines all of the best attributes of the other two weapons in the class. The gun has the same power as the others but also possesses the highest clip size, best range, accuracy, and rate of fire. 

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So, you can still pick up either the MP40 or UMP SMGs, but the MP5 is going to best your best option if you have to choose between any two.

2. AWM Sniper Rifle

The only true sniper rifle in Free Fire, the AWM, packs a punch at even the longest of ranges. It owns the highest statistics across the board for the sniper rifle category, making it a powerhouse of a weapon. 

Image via Garena.

However, if you want to use the AWM, you have to treat it as a real sniper. If you want to go around quick-scoping or hip-firing, then maybe the Kar98K is the better option for you. With the AWM, though, it’s best to play at long ranges and pick people off from a distance.

1. Groza Assault Rifle

Without a doubt, the Groza is the best rifle in Free Fire and perhaps the best weapon overall. It’s consistent at all ranges, has tremendous accuracy and damage, and a solid magazine size of 30. While the Famas does shoot a little faster, the Groza makes up for it in both range and accuracy.

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No matter the circumstances, if you see a Groza lying on the ground, it’s in your best interest to equip it.