The Cycle – Complete Weapons List

Players running around The Cycle have a variety of weapons they have to choose from, though, they have to think ahead. Outside of the starting weapons, players need to acquire credits during their game to purchase one from the match’s store to call down to their position. If a player doesn’t get a starting weapon they like, they’ll never get to the higher-quality ones later on in the match. Because of this obstacle, players need to know what they want to use during the early game and have a variety of choices as the game progresses. Here’s the list of weapons players can add to their loadout.

Complete Weapon List for The Cycle

All of the weapons, much like the game’s abilities, are owned by a particular faction of the game. Players have to gain prestige with them to use the higher-level items in the game. There are three factions in The Cycle.


Here are all of the weapons associated with the Korolev faction.

  • Faction level 2: Kor-47 – An assault rifle with not the best rate of fire, but it comes with a stronger, larger bullet than others similar to it.
  • Faction level 3: Komrad – A missile launcher that fires several different rockets at the same time. They don’t as much damage as other missile launchers, but players have more rounds to fire.
  • Faction level 5: KBR Longshot – A sniper rifle that acts more like a DMR than a long-range weapon. It fires rounds in short, three-round bursts, with a larger magazine size. Ideal for those who prefer medium range.
  • Faction level 7: KM-9 ‘Scrapper’ – A stable SMG ideal for closer to medium-range engagements. You do not want to fire it from long range.
  • Faction level 8: PKR Maelstrom – A semi-automatic shotgun with a higher rate of fire than other weapons similar to it.
  • Faction level 9: KARMA-1 – A powerful sniper rifle ideal for many long-range engagements. The strength of the ammunition can partially damage the gun’s impact area.
  • Faction level 10: KARLA – A heavy weapon with a slow fire-rate and it takes forever to reload. Players who can get the first few shots off with this regularly win engagements.

Secondary weapons:

  • The Hammer – A reliable pistol that fires similar to a revolver, but has eight rounds. While it has a lower rate of fire, it’s far more stable and does a good deal of damage for a starting weapon.


Here are all of the weapons associated with the Osiris faction.

  • Faction level 2: Asp Flechette Gun – A formidable SMG with a lower fire rate than others like it, but it’s far more stable and fires much further.
  • Faction level 3: Phasic Lancer – A reliable burst rifle that fires at a medium distance. It does a decent amount of damage if you can get all three rounds to hit.
  • Faction level 5: Manticore – An assault rifle you want to save for the medium-range; you’re not going to find it useful at long range.
  • Faction level 6: Gorgon – An assault rifle that fires out a beam. It takes a little bit of loading to power up the weapon for a three-round burst. This load time happens for every shot.
  • Faction level 8: Basilisk – A sniper rifle that does others of its class, but it has a higher rate of fire.
  • Faction level 10: Zeus Beam – A heavy weapon that fires out a consistent beam of energy, steadily eating away at an opponent’s shields or health.

Secondary weapons:

  • Scarab Pistol – A pistol with a three-round burst with a quick reload speed.


Here are all of the weapons associated with the ICA faction.

  • Faction level 1: S-76 PDW Mk2 – An upgrade for the starting SMG.
  • Faction level 1: C-32 Bolt Action Mk2 – An upgrade for the starting sniper rifle.
  • Faction level 1: FF4 Detonator Mk2 – An upgrade for the starting heavy weapon.
  • Faction level 2: ICA Guarantee – A quick-firing LMG that fires better while the player is aiming down sights rather than firing from the hip.
  • Faction level 3: Shattergun – A shotgun decent at taking down a player’s shields, but is far more deadly when hitting their health.
  • Faction level 4: Kinetic Arbiter – A sniper rifle with some of the highest firing range available at the game. However, it takes forever to reload with only a few rounds in the chamber.
  • Faction level 5: Voltaic Brute – A powerful SMG with a horrible recoil, making it far more useful close-range than medium.
  • Faction level 8: Lacerator – An overall average assault rifle that does greater than-average damage, but with a small magazine.
  • Faction level 9: Advocate – An assault rifle with a quick-firing rate, with decent to an okay range, making it useful at medium range.
  • Faction level 10: HAZE – A rocket launcher with a slow-rate of fire, that has a large area of effect damage.

Secondary weapons:

  • Bulldog – A quick-firing pistol with only two shots that is devastating up close, and is terrible with too much distance.
  • K-28 Auto-pistol Mk2 – An upgrade to the starting pistol.

Those are all of the available weapons in the game, right now. You’re going to need crafting materials to make each of the guns before using them. Make sure you find them while you’re completing contracts in The Cycle.