The Cycle: Frontier random crashes explained

Understand why you’ve been kicked from the game.


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The Cycle: Frontier is a PvPvE game in which you’re pitted against both aliens on Fortuna III, and fellow Prospectors out to get rich quickly. Every drop you make on the planet could end in success or catastrophic failure at the hands of an enemy. However, there are also infuriatingly random crashes to contend with. This guide explains what the random crashes in The Cycle: Frontier are and provides a few tips to try to fix them.

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Potential fixes for random crashes in The Cycle: Frontier

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While online multiplayer games like The Cycle: Frontier can randomly crash for almost no discernable reason, there are often methods you can try to alleviate or do away with them entirely. Here, we’ve listed all the best methods players recommend when your game randomly crashes to help avoid more random crashes.

Restart your PC

This one may seem obvious, but it’s so easy to jump back into the game straight after it crashes to the desktop. Restarting your PC can halt processes that were running in the background and even fix some that were stuck. This could prevent further crashes when you open the game once more.

Verify your game files

A common fix for some issues in online games is going through the process of verifying your game files in the storefront you’re using. This is easy to do from your library in either Steam or the Epic Game Store, so take a second to do it if you’ve recently experienced a crash.

Check the server status

The Cycle: Frontier is an always-online game, so you can’t play and could crash to desktop if you try to play while the servers are down. If you’ve been hit by a crash, check the game’s server status just to be sure before you jump back in.

Make sure your game is up to date

It shouldn’t be possible to play The Cycle: Frontier without the latest patch, but if you somehow do manage to, it could cause the game to crash. Check for an update each time you play, just in case one has been released overnight.

Why does The Cycle: Frontier randomly crash?

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The Cycle: Frontier has been in development for many years, yet it still experiences crash issues today. As with all games, there’s a myriad of reasons that it could crash, and if you’ve experienced a crash, it’s more than likely an edge case related to your hardware, the time of day, server load, and the actions you were performing. With an online game like this, there will always be random crashes, particularly around the time updates are released, but if you’re willing to push through those turbulent times, they usually ease up after a week or so.