The Dawning – How To Check How Many Ingredients You Have

 The Dawning – How To Check How Many Ingredients You Have

If you have been trying to cook up treats in the Tower using the oven gifted to you by Eva, you might have run into a bit of a wall. You need to know how much of a particular ingredient you have, but the game doesn’t tell you how to do that. No worries, Guardian! It’s very simple.

How To Check How Many Ingredients You Have

First up, head to your Pursuits tab in the Inventory, and right-click on the oven to view the details.

Eva's Holiday Oven
Eva’s Holiday OvenTLDRGames • Fair Use

If you scroll over the top three boxes, you will see all the ingredients that you currently possess. Just scroll over the specific ingredient and check the details that pop up to find out how many of it you have.

IngredientsTLDRGames • Fair Use

As I said, super simple, but kind of obtuse if you don’t actually know how to do it. Everything you gather usually is visible elsewhere in the Inventory, but we suspect that Bungie made this change for the Dawning ingredients to avoid filling up the rest of our Inventory, and for that, we thank them.

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