The Division 2 – How to Increase Stash Size

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We’ve already written about the importance of the Stash and how to recover it in The Division 2. This time we will explain how it can be expanded as it will tend to fill up as you collect weapons, equipment, modification of weapons and many other pieces that could possibly be useful while continuing in the game.

To increase the size of the Stash you will need to invest in some advantages. In particular, our advice is to invest in the advantages of Stash 1, 2 and 3. Each of these advantages increases the size of the Stash:

  • Stash 1: Increases storage capacity by 20 slots.
  • Stash 2: Increases capacity by 30 slots.
  • Stash 3: Increases Stash capacity by 50 more slots.

How to Get Stash Size Perks in Division 2

To get these benefits, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Quartermaster exactly in the Operations Base (The White House).
  • Step 2: After passing the main entrance go a little to the left and head towards the desk.
  • Step 3: Press Square on the PlayStation 4 or X on Xbox One to interact with it.

The Division 2 How to Increase Stash Size

  • Step 4: Now you are inside the Perks tab. On the second row, in third place you will find the advantages for the Stash shown as a small box.

The Division 2

  • Step 5: You will need to start from advantage 1 which will cost you 1 SHD Tech.

How to Get SHD Tech in The Division 2

SHD Tech can be earned by completing the main missions in The Division 2, as well as taking on SHD side missions as well. However, it’s also possible to earn them from leveling up, and looting SHD Tech locations.

That’s pretty much all you need to know on how to increase stash size in The Division 2.