The Division 2: What Are Ivory Keys and Where To Find Them

 The Division 2: What Are Ivory Keys and Where To Find Them

The Ivory Key chest in The Division 2 is full of mystery because these keys are difficult to locate. What are these keys, and how do you acquire them? What’s inside the chest? This guide breaks that information down, so you can unlock this chest in your playthrough and reap the rewards.

Ivory Keys

What Are They?

The Ivory keys are a special loot drop in The Division 2. You need eight of them in total to unlock the chest located in the White House. Have you not found this chest yet? Start the top floor of the White House, where you first spoke to Manny following the first mission. Head down the stairs, and when you’re on the first floor, turn to the left and proceed down the hallway. Before you go past the cabinet full of folders, turn to your right, and you should see the black suitcase, which you may recognize if you’ve ever found a weapon chest during a mission.

When you approach it, you don’t receive a mission or any additional details. It simply reads “0/8 Ivory Keys.”

Where To Get Ivory Keys

There’s only one way to acquire Ivory keys, and you have to take down these unique Hunter units. These are secret bosses hidden in The Division 2, and they’re a force to reckon with. Do not go searching for them during your playthrough of The Division 2. These units are apart of the endgame, and you need to be adequately equipped to take them down. Also, you’re probably going to need a full group to handle them, too. While these bosses are hidden, you need to summon them to have them spawn. So they’re not wandering through the map, and you have to stumble upon them. When you’re ready to face them, you’ll know what trouble you’re starting.

Don’t be surprised if you and your teammates have to make multiple attempts against these fearsome units.

Unfortunately, taking down one of these bosses will not always provide you with an Ivory Key. It’s a random drop. Because these bosses are limited, it’s incredibly infuriating to not receive a key after taking one day. However, do not feel the game there’s a glitch, or the game wrongfully cheated you. You’re going to have to party up with someone else who hasn’t not already taken down one of these units in their game. When you take down the boss in their game, you’ll have the chance for another Ivory key to drop and you can take it with back with you to your game.

Rewards For Opening Chest

When you acquire all eight Ivory Keys and unlock the chest, you’re going to receive a high-end weapon, the Hunter’s Axe backpack keychain and a weapon shader to place on your guns. Not every player is going to get the same gun as it can come with different perks.