How to get the hunters in the Civic Center in The Division 2

Acquire the Drip and Psycho masks in The Division 2

There are two hunters in the Civic Center district in The Division 2, exclusively in the Warlords of New York expansion. To have them spawn in the game, you need to go through a series of steps to have them appear. You can go looking for them after you’ve found the SHD caches in the Civic CenterBattery Park, the Financial District, and the Two Bridges

First, proceed to the laundromat on Canal St, close to The Gate control point, which you can fast travel to if you’ve already captured it on the east northeast portion of the map. On Canal St, you will find it on the corner of Oliver St, underneath the sign that reads “UDBG.” Go inside, and proceed to the back where you should find the laundromat. Look for the laundry machine with the number 23 on it, and then interact with it. The power should go out.

After, go to a garage on another part of the district, on your way to Two Bridges. It’s along the border of the two districts, on the Two Bridges side, on the east corner of Pearl St and Madison St. You want to find a large yellow contain you get on top of and enter the garage, indicated by a yellow line on brick. Jump over to this side, and then jump over the next yellow line on brick. To the left of where you land, there’s a yellow containment box. Shoot it, and then scale over the wall across. The door to the garage will open up, granting you access inside. Go directly ahead of the door to the other side of the room to a fuse box to interact with it.

You now want to return to the laundromat from before, using The Gate control point to fast travel there. Go to the back of the laundromat, and on the left side is the fuse box. Interact with it to place the new fuse into it, and turn the lights back on. Return to the washing machine with the 23 on it to interact with it, and pick up the apartment key it drops. Go back to the fuse box, to the right of it is an open door you need to go up and follow the stairs. You want to find the number 23 apartment and use the key to open it up. The left side of the wall is covered in odd numbers.

These numbers indicate you need to go to another apartment, adjacent to the northside of Columbus Park, to the right of it. Find the alley next to the Chinese restaurant, with a green sign. Look up, and you should see a grapple you can shoot down. At the top, go down the ladder, and then follow the path on the top of the roofs, and then up the fire escape. The door is electronically locked, but follow the yellow wire connecting it to the other building and then shoot the box, opening the door. Follow the path until you reach the new apartment, and then go into the back where there’s a warning on the wall that reads “Dare you to come closer,” and interact with the charred, dead body underneath it.

The final step requires you to go to the eastern portion of the Civic Center, to a large building, where a massive fire happened. Go to the front of it, and look for a body with a division watch on their right side. Interact with it, and two hunters should spawn here for you to take down. When you defeat them, you should receive the Drip and Psycho masks, which you can now freely wear.