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The Elder Scrolls Online Explorer’s Celebration Event guide – dates, rewards, and bonuses

Calling all adventurers!

The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive game with plenty to experience for new players and veterans. You’ll be able to explore several expansive areas, delve into dungeons and trials with other players, adventure alone, and participate in annual events to earn rewards. One of those events is the Explorer’s Celebration Event. Here’s what you’ll get for participating in Explorer’s Celebration Event and how to join the exploration.

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What is the Explorer’s Celebration Event?

With the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom, the event is celebrating the fact the DLC is going back to Morrowind. It’s part of what the development team is calling The Return to Morrowind and is all about exploring Tamriel, collecting gold, resources, and experience.

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What you’ll earn during the Explorer’s Celebration Event

The Explorer’s Celebration Event begins on March 2 and runs through the 7. During that time, players can earn extra experience points, gold, and additional resource nodes harvested throughout the world. The best part is that you won’t have to stick to Morrowind to collect the bonuses, as the event occurs in all of ESO’s zones.

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You’ll earn 100% experience from everything that rewards you with XP. This can include slaying enemies, completing quests, creating items, and interacting with your companions. As an added bonus, this stacks with other XP boosts you earn from scrolls and group modifiers.

For those interested in harvesting, you’ll gain increased drops from all harvest nodes found on the map. No matter if its plants, ore, clothing, logs, runestones, or Psijic Portals, you’ll find additional nodes each time you harvest a specific material. However, some exceptions, including fishing and leather, are dropped from creatures.

The final reward is a 100% increase in all gold earned while you adventure. Gold can be collected by killing enemies, finishing quests, opening containers, and collecting loot.

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