The Evolution Cup tier list in Pokémon Go – October 2022

The best Pokémon to use in the Evolution Cup.

Image via the Pokémon Company

The Evolution Cup will be available for a brief time in Pokémon Go. In it, you will have the chance to use specific Pokémon against other players, earning multiple rewards for any battles you win. It will be vastly different from the Master League, giving you the chance to use Pokémon you may not usually use in fighting against other players. This guide covers the tier list for the Evolution Cup in Pokémon Go.

Evolution Cup tier list in Pokémon Go

The Evolution Cup will be a competition where you can only use Pokémon that have evolved at least once and have the chance to evolve again. It means you need to use Pokémon families with at least three evolutions. Any Pokémon you use in this competition can’t exceed 1,500 CP.

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Lead tier list

For this list, we’re focusing on the Lead Pokémon. These Pokémon will be the first ones you use against a player at the start of a fight. The Pokémon in this role need a balanced level of attack and defense power, making them a problematic first combatant for your opponent to defeat. We recommend using at least one shield on them to block a charged attack.

SDusclops, Golbat, Hakamo-o, Machoke, and Vigoroth
AAlolan Graveler, Dragonair, Nidorina, Sealeo, and Zweilous
BCharjabug, Floette, Haunter, Lairon, and Magneton
CFletchinder, Klang, Magmar, Marshtomp, and Togetic
DBayleef, Brionne, Gurdurr, Piloswine, and Poilwhirl

Switch tier list

The Switch Pokémon will be the second option, and it’s the one you typically swap to when your Lead Pokémon is in trouble. If your opponent uses a Pokémon that is super effective against your Lead Pokémon, your Switch Pokémon should be able to protect them, and this Pokémon should also focus on attack power over defensive. We recommend making sure to use at least one shield for this Pokémon, and in some cases, you want to use both of your shields to block incoming charged attacks.

SCharjabug, Dragonair, Golbat, Hakamo-o, Sealeo, and Vigoroth
AFraxure, Gurdurr, Haunter, Machoke, and Nidorino
BGalarian Linoone, Magmar, Quilladin, Shelgon, and Vibrava
CChansey, Dewott, Ivysaur, Porygon2, and Staravia
DEeletrik, Magneton, Metang, Servine, and Vanillish

Closer tier list

The Closer Pokémon on your team will be the final Pokémon you use to defend yourself. It will be your last line of defense when battling against another player, and it should have more defense than attack power. However, you want to make sure it can still defeat other Pokémon. Therefore, we normally recommend having a good amount of attack power, while still focusing on defense. Also, we recommend not using any shields for this Pokémon and reserving those for your Lead and Switch Pokémon options.

SCharjabug, Piloswine, Staravia, Vigoroth, and Zweilous
AChansey, Dragonair, Floette, Haunter, and Machoke
BFraxure, Hakamo-o, Swadloon, Sealeo, and Wartortle
CAlolan Graveler, Luxio, Magneton, Marshtomp, and Metang
DBayleef, Electabuzz, Golbat, Poliwhirl, and Servine