How to make a Boat with Chest in Minecraft

One step closer to becoming a pirate.

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Inventory management in Minecraft is essential for long-term success. While you can hold a lot of items in your inventory, you will eventually run out of space and have to leave something behind. That is why it is crucial that you find some way to carry more items. There really were not many good options for this if you were in water areas in the past. Luckily, as of Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update, you can now create Chest Boats to carry your numerous items. Here is how to make one.

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How to make Chest Boats in Minecraft

Making a Boat with Chest in Minecraft is super simple. You just need to combine the two separate items at a Crafting Table. Start off by making a Chest with eight of any kind of Wooden Planks and a Boat with five matching Wooden Planks (you also need a Shovel in Bedrock Edition). Now that you have your Boat and Chest, combine them at a Crafting Table. There is no specific crafting recipe, so place them where you want in the grid.

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Now that you have a Boat with a Chest in your inventory, find some water to place it in. To access the Chest inventory, interact with the Boat to sit in it. When inside, open your inventory like usual, and you will see an expanded storage area where you can now place and retrieve items. This will allow you to quickly travel across ocean biomes without needing to leave behind important items.

Like normal Boats, to make it so you can pick up the Chest Boat and place it in your personal inventory again, you will need to attack it. Keep in mind that if there is anything in the Chest, all of its contents will be spilled out when you break it down.