The Last of Us Part II – Trophy and Achievement list

Platinum chaser.

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If you are trying to get the Platinum Trophy for The Last of Us Part II then the first thing you will need to know is what Trophies are in the game. We have a full list below, including a short description of what to do to get each one. For the more complex ones, we will be working on some detailed guides throughout the day, which will be linked below.

You will need to finish 25 trophies, which will then cause the Every Last One of Them trophy to complete, netting you that sweet Platinum trophy.

  • Apprentice: Learn a player upgrade
  • Archivist: Find all artifacts and journal entries
  • Arms Master: Fully upgrade all weapons
  • Every Last One of Them: Collect all trophies
  • High Caliber: Find all the weapons
  • In the field: Find 12 workbenches
  • Journeyman: Find all the training manuals
  • Looks Good On You: Put a hat on your companion
  • Master Set: Find all the trading cards
  • Mechanist: Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Mint Condition: Find 5 coins
  • Numismatist: Find all the coins
  • Prepared for the worst: Find all the upgrade workbenches
  • Put My Name Up: Get the high score in the bow and arrow game
  • Relic of the Sages: Find the Strange Artifact
  • Safecracker: Unlock all safes
  • Sharp Shooter: Win at the shooting range
  • Sightseer: Visit every location in downtown Seattle
  • So Great and Small: Find the Engraved Ring
  • Specialist: complete a player upgrade branch
  • Starter Set: Find 5 trading cards
  • Survival Expert: Learn all player upgrades
  • Survival Training: Learn 25 player upgrades
  • Tinkerer: Upgrade a weapon
  • Tool of the Trade: Craft every item
  • What I Had to Do: Complete the campaign