The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – All Types of Clothing & How to Get Them

Walk, walk. Fashion, baby.

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Breath of the Wild redefined open-world exploration, challenged our survival skills, and gave us a new appreciation for the beauty of a sunset. But let’s talk about the real highlight here: dressing up Link like a fashion icon. Gone are the days of a simple green tunic and hat combo.

In Breath of the Wild, the possibilities for Link’s wardrobe are endless. And let’s not forget the practical side of things — certain armor sets offer unique abilities that can help you in battle or exploration. Who says saving the world can’t be stylish?

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Unlockable Armor Sets in Breath of the Wild

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Worn Set

  • Old Shirt
  • Well-Worn Trousers

Unlock: at the beginning of the game

Zora Set

  • Zora Helm: found in Toto Lake inside an underwater treasure chest
  • Zora Armor: given by Zora’s Domain King
  • Zora Greaves: rewarded after completing the Lynel Safari quest

Bonus: Swim Dash Stamina Up

Hero of the Wild Set

  • Cap of the Wild
  • Tunic of the Wild
  • Trousers of the Wild

Unlock: found in the Forgotten Temple after completing all 120 shrines

Bonus: Master Sword Beam Up

Desert Voe Set

  • Desert Voe Headband
  • Desert Voe Spaulder
  • Desert Voe Trousers

Unlock: complete The Secret Club’s Secret in Gerudo Town.

Bonus: Heat Resistance Up

Flamebreaker Set

  • Flamebreaker Helm
  • Flamebreaker Armor
  • Flamebreaker Boots

Unlock: Goron City

Bonus: Fireproof

Climber Set

  • Climber’s Bandana: Ree Dahee Shrine
  • Climbing Gear: Chaas Qeta Shrine
  • Climbing Boots: Tahno O’ah Shrine

Bonus: Climbing stamina bonus

Barbarian Set

  • Barbarian Helm
  • Barbarian Armor
  • Barbarian Leg Wraps

Unlock: Complete all three labyrinths

Bonus: Charge Attack Stamina Reduction

Purchasable Armor Sets in Breath of the Wild

Image via Zelda Wiki

Sheikah Set

  • Stealth Mask
  • Stealth Chest Guard
  • Stealth Tights

Purchase: Kakariko Village

Bonus: Night Speed Up

Soldier’s Set

  • Soldier’s Helm
  • Soldier’s Armor
  • Soldier’s Greaves

Purchase: Hateno Village

Bonus: none

Snowquill Set

  • Snowquill Headdress
  • Snowquill Tunic
  • Snowquill Trousers

Purchase: Rito Village

Bonus: Unfreezable

Hylian Set

  • Hylian Hood
  • Hylian Tunic
  • Hylian Trousers

Purchase: Kakariko Village and Hateno’s Village

Bonus: none

Gerudo Set

  • Gerudo Veil
  • Gerudo Top
  • Gerudo Sirwal

Purchase: Kara Kara Bazaar

Bonus: Access to Gerudo Town

Dark Set

  • Dark Hood
  • Dark Tunic
  • Dark Trousers

Purchase: Kilton, the Monster Parts Merchant

Bonus: Night Speed Up

Ancient Set

  • Ancient Helm
  • Ancient Cuirass
  • Ancient Greaves

Purchase: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Bonus: Ancient Proficiency

Masks in Breath of the Wild

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Purchase these items from the Kilton the Monster Merchant.

  • Bokoblin Mask
  • Lizalfos Mask
  • Lynel Mask
  • Moblin Mask

You need the Master Trials DLC to unlock the following.

  • Majora’s Mask: complete the EX Treasure: Ancient Mask quest
  • Korok Mask: Woodland Tower

DLC Armor Sets

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Phantom Ganon Set

  • Phantom Helmet
  • Phantom Armor
  • Phantom Greaves

Bonus: Attack Power Up

Tingle’s Set

  • Tingle’s Hood: found in Exchange Ruins
  • Tingle’s Shirt: found in Castle Town Prison
  • Tingle’s Tights: found in Mabe Village Ruins

Bonus: Night Speed Up

Royal Guard Set

  • Royal Guard Cap
  • Royal Guard Uniform
  • Royal Guard Boots

Bonus: Charge Attack Stamina Up

Unlock: complete EX Royal: Guard Rumors quest

Phantom Set

  • Phantom Helmet
  • Phantom Armor
  • Phantom Greaves

Bonus: Attack Power Up

Unlock: complete the EX Treasure: Phantasma quest

Amiibo Armor Sets in Breath of the Wild

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You can get these by purchasing Amiibo Toys and redeeming them.

  • Fierce Deity
  • Hero of the Sky Set
  • Hero of Time Set
  • Hero of Twilight Set
  • Hero Set
  • Hero of Winds Set

How to upgrade armor in Breath of the Wild?

The Great Fairy Fountains in Breath of the Wild are the ultimate destination for all your fashion needs. Want to upgrade your armor? Sure, just bring some materials and a willingness to part with your hard-earned rupees, and the Great Fairies will work their magic. These ladies are not to be trifled with — they’ll take your armor and transform it into a shining beacon of protection that’s sure to turn heads (and deflect arrows).