TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – How to Beat Divine Beast Vah Naboris

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players must venture deep into the desert to take on Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

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Breath of the Wild’s Vah Naboris, the gargantuan creature from the desert, is not to be underestimated. Its electrifying power can zap you into oblivion if you’re not careful. But fear not, for we have compiled a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the inner workings of this magnificent machine and emerge victorious. 

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How to reach the Yiga Clan Hideout in Breath of the Wild

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As you gaze toward Riju’s throne, head to the right and hit up Nayna in the training ground. After your chat, check your map and make your way to Breath of the Wild’s Karusa Canyon, making sure to suit up in your finest attire once you exit the citadel.

As you trek along the path to the lair, watch for foes wielding double bows who won’t hesitate to try and halt your progress. If you feel brave, you can outrun them and slip into the cave below. Remember that those double bows will come in handy when facing off against the big boss lurking in this zone.

Once inside, grab the torch on the left side of the central staircase, light it up, and ignite the cloth hanging on the staircase that would correspond to the number one on a standard clock. Doing so will open up the path leading to Breath of the Wild’s Yiga Clan Guard. The remaining pieces of cloth conceal entrances to rooms filled with chests and adversaries, so watch your back.

How to access Vah Naboris in Breath of the Wild

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Approach Riju as she directs you and requests the bomb arrows before announcing you are ready to tame the wild creature.

The initial step involves moving closer to the Breath of the Wild divine beast while under the safety of the protective dome created by Riju. Next, your objective is to target and damage each of the four legs using the arrow bombs, causing the pink hues to disappear, indicating your progress.

Upon successfully shattering all four, a dramatic sequence ensues, culminating in your arrival inside the colossal beast.

How to activate all Vah Naboris terminals in Breath of the Wild

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First, take down the enemy in the opening corridor and climb the ramp to remove the barrier with a shot to the eye. This will allow you to enter the central area of the beast and grab the map from the terminal in the next room. From here on out, you’ll be in control of the beast and able to navigate its three central circles.

Start by rotating the first circle and using your Breath of the Wild paralyzer module to take down the chests in the surrounding areas. Be careful not to fall, though. Once you’ve collected all three chests, move the circles to the center line at the top and climb into the animal’s neck to activate the fourth terminal.

Next, navigate through the beast to activate the remaining terminals and defeat the boss. Then, of course, you’ll have to spin a wheel, move some generators, and take down some pesky enemies. With this guide, you can confidently maneuver through the beast’s complex architecture and emerge victorious against Ganon’s wrathful lightning.

How to defeat Thunderblight Ganon

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In the first phase, you’ll need the coordination of a circus performer to dodge Breath of the Wild’s Thunderblight Ganon. But, if you can outmaneuver him, you can take advantage of his momentary weakness and deliver a devastating counterattack. However, if your coordination falls short, you can always rely on your trusty shield to block his attack and retaliate quickly.

The second phase presents a shocking new challenge. After you’ve damaged the boss, he’ll summon lightning-bolt-landing pillars. Use your magnetic powers to pick up one of these electrifying pillars and position it strategically so that the lightning strikes the boss instead.

Finally, in the third phase, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boss takes a page from the most potent guardians’ playbook and unleashes a deadly laser beam. It’s like dodging a bullet, only much more intense.