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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How to Beat Divine Beast Vah Medoh

Vah Medoh flies you too the moon.

Are you tired of watching Breath of the Wild’s Vah Medoh circling around in the sky, taunting you with its unreachable terminals? With this guide, you’ll learn how to take control of the Divine Beast and turn it into a flying weapon of mass destruction against Ganon’s forces. Get ready to soar through the skies, face complex challenges, and take down the boss with style. 

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How to Reach the Rito Village in Breath of the Wild

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Embark on a journey to the frigid north until you see Lake Totori, where a magnificent rock column proudly showcases the Rito Village. Along the route, you may unlock cartographical towers, visit holy shrines, and even undertake intriguing side missions. Upon arriving at the Rito Village, ascend to its zenith and converse with the venerable Kaneli to commence the principal undertaking, Medoh: the tempestuous beast of the winds.

How to Access Vah Medoh in Breath of the Wild

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Embarking on the mission to take down the beast, your primary goal will be to obliterate the quartet of cannons positioned at the vertices of the barrier shielding the divine beast, Medoh. All it takes to bring them down is to fire two bomb arrows at any point on the cannon.

Mind the attacks hurled your way, and to evade them, simply toggle the paraglider on and off as needed, precisely when the cannon is primed to fire. The energy bar is boundless, so you needn’t worry about waiting to reuse it. If, by some chance, you plummet into the abyss, Teba will swoop in to save you, and the brawl will recommence where you left off.

Once the four cannons have been reduced to rubble, a cinematic will ensue, culminating in your entrance into the divine beast.

How to Activate All Vah Medoh terminals in Breath of the Wild

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Head to the tail of the divine beast and smash the eye there to access the first chest. Then, enter the beast and shoot the eye on the right side to remove a barrier and reach the area with the second chest. Finally, destroy the eye next to it to open the path to the third and fourth chests.

Then, head to the terminal in the center of the map and examine it to gain control of the divine beast. From here, look to the right to spot the third eye and chest, then jump to the left to reach the first room in the left wing. Finally, take out the eye on the left to access the first terminal.

Back in the central room, use bombs and wind to activate the second terminal, then head to the left wing to destroy two eyes and find the third terminal. Tilt the wing to reach the fourth terminal on the right side, and hit the glass to open a door leading to the room in the right wing.

Inside the right wing, destroy the eye to drop the sixth chest, then hit the glass to open the windows and make a cylinder fall. Next, use the paralyzer on a box to hit a switch and open the room with the fifth terminal. Finally, tilt the wing parallel to access the seventh chest, ascend to the top of the central room to activate the final terminal, and face off against the formidable Windblight Ganon.

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How to Defeat Windblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild

Phase one: Brace yourself for cannon fire because that’s the boss’s go-to move at this stage. You’ll also need to dodge his sneaky whirlwind attack that zigzags toward you like a drunkard.

Phase two: The real fun begins once the boss loses half of his life. He’ll summon four satellites that act like mirrors, reflecting his shots back at you. Don’t worry; you can still dodge them if you time it right. However, watch out when the boss charges up for a mega shot because those satellites gather energy for him like he’s Goku. If you see that happening, take cover behind something sturdy.

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