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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How to Beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Burn, baby, burn.

Breath of the Wild’s Vah Rudania is the Divine Beast wreaking havoc in Death Mountain. Watching this fiery behemoth stomp around like it owns the place couldn’t be more annoying. But don’t worry; you’ve stumbled upon the right guide. We’ll take you through all the steps necessary to free this beast and bring peace back to the region. 

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How to reach the Goron City in Breath of the Wild

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To start this daring mission, you better make it rain rupees because you’ll need at least 3,300 shiny gems to get going.

Your first stop will be at Breath of the Wild’s Foothill Stable, where you’ll have to sweet-talk a lady into selling you some fireproof Elixirs. It’ll cost you 150 rupees for three of them, lasting six minutes, so don’t waste any time getting to your destination.

Follow the northwest path, and activate Eldin’s Tower and any shrines you find. Eventually, you’ll reach Goron City by taking the only path that leads up the mountain.

How to access Vah Rudania in Breath of the Wild

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Prepare for a battle royale with some Breath of the Wild Moblins and a high-flying mission to find Yunobo. Once you’ve located Yunobo, it’s time to use some excellent skills to launch him toward a bridge and cross over. But don’t get too comfortable, as an infiltration mission awaits you. 

Whistle for Yunobo to follow you. Don’t forget to take cover when necessary, lest you be pelted with igneous rocks. If you need a breather, whip out the paralyzer module to freeze the guards in their tracks. Then, keep climbing the mountain until you reach a canyon where Yunobo can help you take down Breath of the Wild’s divine beast Vah Rudania. But before you can celebrate, you’ll need to grab a box with your magnet module and use it to knock out some guards. 

Use some wood to block the vision of another guard and grab yet another box to finish the job. Finally, use the cannon and air jet to destroy the last watchmen and land the final hit on the beast. 

How to activate all Vah Rudania terminals in Breath of the Wild

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First, head to the end of the queue to snag the first Breath of the Wild chest. Once you have it, enter the beast and remove the three eyes in the first room to access the second, third, and fourth chests.

To progress, light a torch on the back right side of the room to reveal a door. Take out the guard waiting for you and destroy the eyes in the area to access the fifth, sixth, and seventh chests. Then, light the torch again and use it to open the door on the far left, leading you to the terminal map room.

From there, head back to the first room and shoot a lit arrow to burn the plants above a door. Use the magnet to open the door and find the first terminal. Light a torch and use it to burn a plant to make the eighth Breath of the Wild chest fall.

Next, look through the hole in the door to spot a torch that you must light with a fire arrow to gain access to the second terminal. From there, turn the beast 90 degrees and use a cube to block the fire, allowing you to access the third terminal after turning the beast again.

Head back to the first room, light a torch, and turn the beast so the walkway becomes a ramp. Climb it without running to avoid extinguishing the torch and jump to the area below. Turn the beast, light the torch, raise a barrier, and make a sphere roll.

Follow the Breath of the Wild sphere to the third terminal, glide down to secure the drop, and use the magnet to lift the block blocking the ball. Once it falls into the center, the fourth terminal will be revealed.

Stand next to the nearest wall to access the fifth terminal and spin the beast. The main terminal at Vah Rudania is below you, but don’t activate it until you’re ready to fight the boss

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How to defeat Fireblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild

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Watch out for Breath of the Wild Fireblight Ganon’s fiery wrath in phase one as he charges toward you with his colossal sword. Stick to close combat, and you’ll dance around his attacks like a pro. However, when the boss starts charging a fireball that splits into meteors, it’s time to switch things up and use your trusty bow and regular arrows to hit him from afar. And if you manage to hit his weak spot, he’ll be stunned for a few seconds, giving you a prime opportunity to really lay into him.

Phase two is similar but with a little extra spice. Fireblight Ganon starts by creating a shield around himself, making him practically invulnerable. Your only chance to take him down is by using a Breath of the Wild bomb to absorb the shield and then explode it. Once he’s defenseless, you’re back to the same dance as in phase one. 

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