The Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt guide in Far Cry 6 – How to get the Lethal Dose pistol

It’s scary.

In Far Cry 6, a man is being tormented by a Mongoose so dangerous that he has no way to deal with it. In this guide, we will show you how to solve the Mongoose and the Man Treasure Hunt and get the Lethal Dose pistol.

You can find this Treasure Hunt to the west of Costa Del Mar, right beside the coast. You will need to start by going around to the beach side of the house and shooting the lock off a gate. This will give you access to the house.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you head upstairs you will find a locked case that needs a key. You can then jump down off the back balcony where you will find a shed with a key outside. This key will open the shed, but make sure you have a good weapon out.

When you open the shed a wild mongoose will barrel through the door, knocking you down. You need to chase and kill the mongoose, then walk over the body to get another key.

This key will open the case inside, so go back upstairs and use the key to open it. The Lethal Dose pistol will do heavy damage to lightly armored targets and comes with a micro red dot sight for improve aim. It also has an extended mag, and when you reload the weapon it will reload everything in your arsenal.