The rarest Octane Skins in Apex Legends

Blink and you might miss them.

Rarest Octane Skins

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Octane is the only Legend who wasn’t on the original roster but was here for every season of Apex Legends. Over the time he has been in the game, Octane has acquired some amazing skins, though quite a few are tricky to get your hands on, and some may never come back at all. Here are the rarest Octane skins in Apex Legends.

Event Skins

Octane Event Skins
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While Octane has quite a few different Legendary skins, these are probably the rarest and most sought out. XL-R8 recently resurfaced for the Genesis Collection Event, so if you copped it then, you’re sitting pretty. This category also contains our only Epic skin on the list, Hot Pursuit from the Legendary Hunt event.

  • Hot Pursuit (Legendary Hunt)
  • Sonic Boom (Aftermarket)
  • XL-R8 (System Override)

Battle Pass Exclusives

Octane Battle Pass Exclusives
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Octane has had some of the coolest Battle Pass exclusives in the game. The best one being Fast Fashion from Season 7, and the absolute rarest being Jade Tiger from Season 2.

  • Glacial Pace (Season 3: Meltdown, Level 1)
  • Jade Tiger (Season 2: Battle Charge, Level 75)
  • Fast Fashion (Season 7: Ascension, Level 50)

Store Exclusives

Octane Store Exclusives
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Octane also has four store exclusive skins purchased with Legend Tokens, but only if you already own the Legendary skin that the store exclusive is a variant of. Each skin costs 10,500 legend tokens without any price variance currently.

  • Red Shift (requires El Diablo)
  • Surplus Acceleration (requires Speed Demon)
  • Extreme Measures (requires The Victory Lap)
  • Holeshot Hotshot (requires Gold Rush)

Other Premium Skins

Other Octane Premium Skins
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Octane has also had a few other premium skins over the years that are extremely unique. Two of them were one-time buys from various sales, and one is always available, but only via a premium purchase.

  • Laughing Fool (Black Friday Sale 2019)
  • Wild Speed (ALGS Championship Sale 2021)
  • Arachnoid Rush (Octane Edition)

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Honorable mention: Dasher (Holo-Day Bash 2019)