How to unlock the Octane Heirloom set in Apex Legends

Unlike the Legend himself, this isn’t a fast process.

Image via Respawn

Heirlooms are some of the rarest cosmetics in Apex Legends. These character-specific melee weapons, banner poses, and quips are often tied into the battle royale game’s rich lore, which means they’re not the easiest things to unlock. Octane’s trio of Heirlooms was first available during the System Override event, but that window closed in spring 2020. Luckily, they’re still available through a different method — here’s how to pull it off.

First, you need to understand how Heirloom Shards work in Apex Legends. These are the rarest currency in the game and the only way to purchase Heirlooms. Next, you’ll need to know how to get Heirloom Shards, and there are three methods. One, they may appear in random Apex Packs in groups of 50, and two, your 500th Apex Pack is guaranteed to contain three bunches, for a total of 150 — the exact price of a single Heirloom. Method three can only be accomplished during in-game Collection events, as Heirloom Shards are often guaranteed rewards for each collection.

Image via Fandom

Once you’ve gathered your Heirloom Shards, you can use them to purchase any Heirloom you like, Octane’s or otherwise. In his case, you can get the Butterfly Knife melee weapon skin, Spin and Flick banner pose, and this intro quip: “Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast.” Be prepared to spend a while gathering the required materials.