The Surge 2 – How To Get A.I.D Armor For The Stranger

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Once you kill Little Johnny, you have the EMP 44 Starfish Drone, and take out the other boss on your way back you can go into Downtown Jericho. While here you’re going to receive a call from The Stranger, the NPC you met earlier in the game after escaping the detention center. He tells you to head for his hideout under the bridge at the canal.

How To A.I.D Armor For The Stranger

Head back to All Saints Boulevard, then take the magnetic elevator near the canal (shown at the red rectangle above) down to the platform below. Head up the canal, and you will find a locked door. Use the EMP 44 Starfish to open it, go inside, and you will meet The Stranger. He asks you to get him some A.I.D armor.

Leave, going back up the street the way you can down and then head up All Saints Boulevard. You will find a guard station with an energy gate patrolled by two A.I.D soldier, decked out in full armor.

This area is the easiest place to farm for the armor pieces. You need to take a helmet, body armor, leg armor, and arm armor by cutting off the limbs of the guard. You can run back to the Med Bay and reset the area to farm them again. Once you have all the pieces collected, head for the Med Bay and make the armor, remembering to make two arm pieces and two leg pieces, then return to the Stranger’s hideout and sell the items to him.

When you give it to him, he heads off to get up to whatever mission he has in mind, and you can access the chest he was sitting on to get yourself some decent loot.