The top 10 best Bug type Pokémon of all time, ranked

All these Pokémon are a little buggy.

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Over the years, we’ve seen some absolutely wild Pokémon designs, but one type that doesn’t get a lot of love is Bug Pokémon. They don’t have a Legendary associated with them and usually form some of the weaker teams in most games, but they also feature some of the weirder designs of all the creatures in the series. If you’re looking for a Pokémon that can round out your team’s line-up, here are our picks for the best Bug-type Pokémon of all time.

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The best Bug-type Pokémon – our top ten

While most Bug-types are some of the weaker creatures in their respective games, they have a unique type advantage that can help to round out your team. They match up well against Grass, Dark, and Psychic types, meaning that they are essential when going up against certain gym leaders.

10) Scyther

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Sometimes we need to go back to where it all began. Scyther is a Gen One Flying/Bug-type Pokémon that has been with us since the very beginning. Not only does it have one of the coolest designs of any Bug-type, but it is also incredibly fast and strong. Scyther has some type weaknesses to consider before throwing it into the fray which keeps it near the bottom of this list, but it can hit hard and fast if it gets the chance.

9) Ninjask

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Most Bug-type Pokémon are fast to help make up for their mediocre stats in other areas, but Ninjask takes it to a whole new level. With a Speed stat of 160, it is one of the fastest Pokémon in the series. While its Attack is average at best, its Baton Pass ability means that it can give other members of your team boosts to their speed and attack. That ability alone makes this a worthwhile addition to your line-up, especially when tackling gym battles.

8) Golisopod

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This massive Pokémon deals huge damage. With skills like Sucker Punch and Close Combat, this frightening-looking creature can devastate many of the Pokémon that get thrown at you, especially with its impressive HP and Attack stats. However, it is incredibly slow, meaning that you’ll need to find the right situation to use it. It’s as close to a tank as most Bug-type Pokémon manage, so it works as a leader for your team.

7) Galvantula

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When you want to hit hard, Galvantula has you covered. Its Speed and Special Attack stats are excellent, though it has some laughable defense stats considering the level it evolves. However, it makes up for this with an interesting typing. Being Electic/Bug-type means that it has fewer weaknesses than most Pokémon, meaning that it can be thrown into more battles than most Bug-types on this list.

6) Heracross

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With an Attack stat of 125, this is one of the most powerful Bug-type Pokémon in the series. Add onto that the Moxie ability, which increases its Attack when it knocks enemies out, Heracross becomes broken during trainer battles if it can knock one or two enemies out. It isn’t as fast as some other Bug-types, which prevents it from cracking the top five of this list, but it is still a powerful asset for your team’s makeup.

5) Buzzwole

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Ever wonder what a bug would look like if it spent too much time at the gym? Imagine it no longer, as Buzzwole is here to put your mind at ease. This is a Fighting/Bug-type that has some of the best physical stats in the game. Its Attack and Defense are both 139, giving it the ability to dish out damage as well as take it. Buzzwole is one of the best Pokémon in the game to lead your team, though its Special Defense leaves a lot to be desired.

4) Volcarona

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This is one of the more difficult Pokémon to evolve, reaching its final form at the impressive level of 59. Grinding it to that level gives trainers this Fire/Bug-type that puts most others of its type to shame. It takes a bit of time to get started in a battle, with multiple moves that raise its Special Attack stat, but once it can unleash that power, it can overwhelm the defenses of even the most stalwart creatures. It is one of the few Bug-type Pokémon that isn’t weak against Fire, a game-changer for many matchups.

3) Pheromosa

Image via Team Kato

This moth-looking Bug-type Pokémon is here for those who want to hit hard and hit fast. Peromosa has an Attack and Special Attack rating of 137 each and a massive 151 Speed. With moves like Bug Bite and High Jump Kick, it can devastate the opposition. The downside is pretty extreme, though. Its Defense and Special Defense are both just 37, meaning that if it doesn’t knock the enemy out with that first blow, it is likely to get knocked out a few moments later. Still, the risk is usually worth the payoff, provided you pay attention to type match-ups before sending it out.

2) Genesect

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When it comes to pure offense, you can’t go wrong with Genesect. While there aren’t any Legendary Pokémon on this list, Genesect comes the closest to fitting the bill by being considered a Mythical Pokémon. What makes this Bug-type so powerful is that it can change its damage and type depending on what drive is inserted in its back. This gives it the kind of adaptability that most other Pokémon can only dream of. It can cover multiple types on your team, something that every trainer will love to see.

1) Scizor

Image via Team Kato

The top spot on our list of Bug-type Pokémon goes to Scizor. The evolution of Scythor, Scizor takes everything that made its base form great and improves on it. With moves like Metal Claw, Iron Head, and Bullet Punch rounding out its offensive arsenal and its base stats totaling 500, it is a nightmare for many matchups. What makes Scizor the best Bug-type of all time is its Mega-Evolution, which can give you the edge you need against even some of the Legendary Pokémon you face in the games.