The top 5 best simulation games

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The simulation genre remains one of the most popular in gaming, partly due to the escapism that it offers. Players can spend hours getting lost in the subtle mechanics and strategy, exploring worlds and professions they might never get to experience in real life. If you want to try the genre for the first time or you are an experienced fan looking for your next fix, here are five of the best simulation games on offer.

Best simulation games

The simulation game genre offers plenty of variety to try. Some are focused more on resource management, while others try to give players the chance to dive in and experience the day-to-day life of workers. Whatever flavor you’re looking for, there are some great options out there to try.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition

Image via Xbox Game Studio

You can count on one hand the number of game series that has been going strong for 40 years. Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series has been going strong since 1980, with regular updates and releases to keep fans coming back for more. The latest release came out in 2020 and served as a celebration of everything that came before. It offers more planes, more flight paths to take than ever before, and multiple weather conditions to contend with for players who want an extra challenge. Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest most people will get to flying a Boeing 777 without earning their wings.

PowerWash Simulator

Screenshot via FuturLab YouTube

Pressure washers aren’t just the domain of homeowners with discolored decks anymore. Thanks to PowerWash Simulator, you can explore the range of options that these devices can clean. Developer FuturLab gives plenty of options, from helicopters to buildings to rovers on Mars. It is a surprisingly fun co-op experience, with up to six players joining together to fight grime.

Farming Simulator 22

Image via Giants Software

Not everyone is cut out to be a farmer, but Farming Simulator 22 gives players the chance to try. The game offers a wonderfully in-depth experience for players to try out, managing finances and equipment to keep your crops growing and your farm running smoothly. It is one of the more relaxing simulator games, with lower stakes but plenty to keep you coming back for more. Farming Simulator 19 is a title that really grows on you.

Cities: Skylines

Image via Paradox Interactive

If you were a fan of the classic SimCity series but have been disappointed with its more recent offerings, Cities: Skylines will help scratch that itch for you. It is a simulation game that allows players to partake in city planning. The game stands above most modern city simulation games partly because of how well it guides the player through the daunting task of helping their city expand and grow. It certainly doesn’t hold your hand, but it introduces mechanics at a natural pace. Failure is still an option but isn’t an inevitability.

Two Point Hospital

Image via Two Point Studios

Running a hospital is serious business, but Two Point Hospital seems like a lot of fun. This simulation game is decidedly light-hearted, giving players the chance to help guide their hospital through waves of infections of Cubism, Night Fever, or Floppy Discs. You’ll need to manage your staff, ensure that your equipment is all up and running, and keep your hospital from being overwhelmed with the sick. There are a lot of plates to keep spinning here; despite its focus on humor, Two Point Hospital will provide plenty of challenges even for experienced players.

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