Top 10 Best Foods In Starfield

Food has been a topic in the world of Starfield since the original announcement. It’s only right that we rank the top foods in the game.

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Bethesda has always made it easy for players to immerse themselves in the culinary options each of their games provides. To ask someone their favorite food from the many franchises they’ve released would be like asking them to pick a favorite color. Luckily, Starfield fits in that category as well, since the game has opted not to skimp on food choices as per tradition. Let’s take a look at our top ten favorite foods in the Starfield universe.

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10. Baguette

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We’ll start off with something simple. Here we have a piece of bread, but I know what you’re thinking: what’s so special about a stick of dough? Well, for one, it’s French, and think of the legend of having a specific style of bread survive the desolation of the planet Earth. To make it into the far reaches of space is a task in and of itself, a feat few pieces of dough can claim, plus baguettes are a personal favorite of ours.

9. Viewport Original

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To be honest, we have no idea what this is supposed to taste like. Yeah, the vodka screwdriver is a classic in the real world, but the addition of an alien fruit is quite the chaser if we’re talking about the drink’s texture. Are you supposed to bite into the fruit after finishing the drink? If so, maybe there’s a chance of getting a light buzz instead of a full-on blackout.

8. Red Harvest Naan

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A red harvest Naan is something you’d expect from a Witch-in-the-Woods and not in a Sci-Fi title, but the added benefit of genetic modifications is clearly better, right? Naan is actually really good in real life, so the chances of this being completely unedible are pretty low. In fact, Red Harvest has put their seal of approval on the product, so it’s clear that only the best manufacturing was used in the making of this wonderful product. Let’s just hope we don’t get extra arms or something after consuming this product. Oops, wrong game.

7. Fullfood Spice Worms

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We know that this sounds disgusting. Worms are right; who would ever eat those willingly? Well, these aren’t your typical garden-variety worms; in fact, they’re alien worms, so that must be better, right? In fact, just like the worms back here on earth, these worms are chock full of protein and carry a fried texture along with a mandatory spice tag on the wrapping. Yum.

6. Gummi Bugs

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Finally, some normal food again. Keeping with the insect-themed snacks, Gummi Bugs make their way onto the list as a healthy, nutritious treat to go along with your normal diet. Similar to gummi worms and bears in our reality, nothing beats having a chewy treat that resembles disgusting insects in your belly. It is made by Advanced Nutrition, which is a huge plus for everyone searching for a healthy diet.

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5. Raisin Bran Cereal

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Similar to the baguette, the legendary brand of cereal, Raisin Bran, has survived the clutches of magnetospheric annihilation on Earth. The most important meal of the day is saved thanks to Centauri and their use of synthetic materials that have successfully recreated the cereal. We wonder if it comes with milk inside or if there’s a synthetic milk coupon somewhere to go with it. If not, then make sure to have some water ready as a replacement.

4. Kiffles

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On a serious note, in the present time, Hungarian kiffles are delicious. It’s surprising that it made the cut, as the treat is not that well known in the States. We wonder which company is responsible in-game for bringing this desert back from the dead. If we had to guess, we would put Ryujin Industries, as they seem to be great at co-opting other people’s ideas.

3. Veggie Grinder

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This one is dedicated to all the vegetarians out there. The veggie grinder looks like a typical sub with a hint of honey mustard on the side to help wash it down. We’re not sure what exactly is allowed in the vegetarian diet or if it even exists in the same form in Starfield, but it’s great to see that healthy eating is still being promoted. Now all we need is a bean and cheese taco to go with it.

2. Ta’Ameya Pita

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Keeping with the theme of international cuisine, the Ta’Ameya Pita is an Egyptian dish with lots of stuff packed into a flatbread. It’s no wonder that the universe wants to have the best sandwiches available beyond the stars and in the hands of us pilots. Even the health benefits are larger than usual, so clearly the team feels the same way. Hopefully there aren’t any players trying to hoard sandwiches on their ship, because that would be immoral.

1. The Sandwich

sandwich in starfield
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That’s right! The sandwich has climbed its way to the top of the food heap and sits supreme over all other meals, snacks, and deserts. Whether it’s found in full or half-bite, there’s no way to resist the delicious bouquet that comes with those glorious meats and cheeses smashed between two pieces of bread. Bethesda did right by having it be one of the first things you see as you recover from the mining incident. Happy eating!