Top 10 best Fortnite scrim codes

Practice makes perfect!


Image via Epic Games Store

Scrims are practice matches between two teams in any online game. Without proper matchmaking, Fortnite scrims are usually dealt with by gathering players into a Discord server and joining the game all at once. There are a few types of Fortnite scrims that you can play. Here we’re going to cover the top 10 best Fortnite scrim map codes which you can play together with friends.

Scrim Practice Map

Creative Code: 4919-0340-7181

As you can see, this is one of the best Fortnite scrim maps out there. It’s a fairly sizeable map, but the most important aspect is the storm. This provides all players with an opportunity to practice those endgame builds against others. It’s the Fortnite equivalent of throwing yourself into the water to learn how to swim. You have no choice but to learn how to build fast, defend yourself, and kill every player you see as quickly as possible.

Perseus Scrims

Image via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 8919-7731-5423

This is a fascinating Fortnite scrim map. It’s got three levels for up to 16 players to drop and fight through. All the while, a storm is closing in on each level sequentially. It seems quite intense, but it definitely makes for good endgame practice with lots of players in a small space.

Scrims With Storm V2

Image via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 4011-6656-2162

This is one of the most ingenious use of storms in a Scrim map that I’ve ever seen. Four storms fluctuate throughout each match, meaning that the safe zone is constantly reshaped. It’s another perfect map for endgame practice, but it’s probably better for mastering those final moments when the storm has locked off almost the entire map.

End Game Simulator

Image via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 4581-3683-0177

As you’d expect, this Fortnite scrim map is a perfect simulation of the endgame in Fortnite Battle Royale. A hand-crafted storm moves across the map over the course of each match, forcing players to build and fight their way around while avoiding death by storm. This map also allows for Duos games with a simple settings change.

Turtle Wars

Image Via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 3818-8384-3194

This map is a small arena where players can practice together in a closed-off environment. The creator built it so that it’s easier to make videos with the in-game editor and get better at aiming in close encounter situations. Definitely one for teams to practice with.

Turtle Wars 2.0

Image via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 7433-4101-4968

This is the first Wood-only Fortnite scrim map on the list. Unlike the rest of the maps on this list, however, it doesn’t have a storm. Instead, players are thrown in together with Wood and weapons to build and shoot their way to being the last player standing. The map is tiny, but that’s great for those looking for short, frantic matches.

Timberwoods Zone Wars

Image Via DropNite

Creative Code: 5502-8526-5536

One of the best-looking maps on our list. This is a purpose-built map, with materials and buildings strategically placed around the small arena. The storm will then move in from all four sides, causing the safe zone to shift every second. This is a map for those looking to hone their skills.

Storm Rotation Practice

Image Via Epic Game Store

Creative Code: 9337-1411-9736

This map is a tiny island that perfectly mirrors the end of a match in which the storm’s eye is in the most complicated place imaginable. It’s good training for anyone who fails every time there’s an environmental obstacle towards the end of a Fortnite Battle Royal match.

End Game With Hills 2

Image via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 7022-2779-1519

Another end game simulation map. This one has a small collection of buildings, as well as that higher point in the distance. It doesn’t have a storm that closes everyone in, but it’s small enough that you’ve got no choice but to fight.

BFC Late Game Training

Image Via Fortnite Creative HQ

Creative Code: 8566-4333-7800

This last map is one of the best. It’s a colossal rectangle that represents a single zone in Fortnite’s map. It’s the best map for practicing those final moments of a match. There are buildings to hide in and tear apart, as well as loads of height for you to build insane structures in.

Each of these maps is perfect for practicing Fortnite’s endgame moments. Anyone who finds that they struggle at that point in a match should find something here to improve their skills.