Top 10 Best Solo Classes for World of Warcraft

For all players who want to try going it alone in World of Warcraft, these are the best solo classes to chose from.

Best Soloing WoW Classes

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World of Warcraft is one of the best ways to connect with people online and to gather friends to play a game together. While it is best played with a group, it is not impossible to solo it if players have the right class.

Whether you are starting on your solo WoW journey – or just need leveling up and your friends aren’t available – having a character with a class that will keep you going will make playing much easier. When picking a class for solo gameplay, players need to choose a class with healing capabilities, that can deal ample amounts of damage, mobility, and possible spell usage. Not every one of these aspects will be hit. Players should prioritize which ones work best with their style of play.

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10. Warrior

WoW Warrior Class
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Warriors are great as a melee DPS or tank and completely survivable on their own. Their specialties lie in mobility and dealing damage as they have high strength and stamina. The Warrior class allows players to use a wide range of weapons and fighting styles. There are three types of Warrior Arms, Fury, and Protection Warriors. Arms and Fury Warriors are best for dealing damage while Protection Warriors are best for defense. I would suggest Fury or Arms Warriors for soloing.

9. Mage

WoW Mage Class
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While Mages are definitely one of the more squishy classes to choose from, they can deal a great amount of damage through spells and have healing capabilities. They are also fast in terms of mobility and have access to portals, making traveling easier. Portals are one of their higher selling points when soloing and this is primarily why the class made the list.

8. Brewmaster Monk

WoW Monk Class
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Brewmaster Monk is a versatile tank with high mobility, healing capabilities, and the ability to deal a ton of damage with their collection of offensive cooldowns. Due to the nature of the Monk class, characters will be able to take more hits that others would not be able to handle. Players should be aware that this class tends to have a low HP for a tank which may become a liability.

7. Warlock

WoW Warlock Class
Screenshot by Gamepur

Warlocks are damage-dealing magic wielders who specialize in debuffs and inflicting damage over time. Demonology Warlocks are the best bet for soloing as they can deal damage both instantly and over time from afar while sending in their demon pets to do the close combat for them. They can weaken enemies by reducing their abilities to fight thus, reducing the damage they take – which is good because they are just as squishy as Mages.

6. Death Knight

WoW Death Knight Class
Screenshot by Gamepur

Death Knights combine their heavy swings with runic magic to make a terrifying force. There are three types of Death Knights that players can choose from. Blood Death Knights can keep going with the use of corrupt life energy. Frost Death Knights are great for dealing damage through their runic power. Unholy Death Knights, like Warlocks, can have their dark minions do their dirty work. Their secondary attributes concentrate on haste and critical strike.

5. Rogue

WoW Rogue Class
Screenshot by Gamepur

Rogues in WoW concentrate on stealth and can slip out of fights if they end up cornered. They are fast at either escaping or getting the first shot at an enemy. Using duel-wielding weapons while gaining that first strike, Rogues have the potential to deal heavy amounts of damage. Their combo strikes will weaken an enemy for the final, devastating blow. Their greatest aspect is their stealth.

4. Shaman

WoW Shaman class
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Shamans specialize in healing, offensive spells, and melee damage in WoW. Shamans have reincarnation in case there is a bit of trouble and the player dies. They can also utilize totems, stationary tools that either assist allies or provide destructive abilities, and elementals. They are versatile fighters that can either do close combat or fight from a distance.

3. Paladin

WoW Paladin Class
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Paladins are the healing tanks of WoW. Although they are slower, they can take any hit that comes their way. Paladins are heavy in defense and healing while generating a decent amount of damage. Using them is playing the long game in a fight, but they are pretty simple to get the hang of. Retribution Paladins will deal the most damage, making them the easiest to build for soloing, while Holy Paladins and Protection Paladins are best for groups as they concentrate on healing and defending the team.

2. Druid

WoW Druid Class
Screenshot by Gamepur

Druids are the most versatile WoW class, with the ability to become a healer, tank, or stealthy fighter similar to Rogues depending on their shapeshift form. Players can build a Druid character to have a certain roll through their specializations and then give them a different roll based on their shapeshift form. They can be just about whatever the player needs or wants, making them perfect for soloing. However, all the versatility comes with a complicated class to learn, so we recommend it for more seasoned players.

1. Hunter

WoW Hunter Class
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A Hunter, specifically a Beastmaster Hunter, is one of the most recommended classes for soloing in World of Warcraft. Hunters are quite fast no matter the specialization. Beastmasters can have pets do most of the damage while the Hunter deals hits from afar. Demon Hunters also have self-healing abilities and alongside a solid hit. It’s the powerful combination of expert DPS skills through sharpshooting and their pets’ aggro management and special abilities that make them excellent for soloing.