Top 10 Shiny Mythical Pokemon Ranked

Shiny Mythical Pokemon are something you only find in whispers or 400 soft resets. Our exclusive ranking showcasing the Top 10 Shiny Mythical Pokémon.

Image by GameFreak

Image by GameFreak

Mythical Pokémon, as opposed to Legendary Pokémon, are Pokémon that exist only in rumors and legends. They are, by definition, even rarer than Legendary Pokémon, supposedly being Pokémon that do not exist, while Legendary Pokémon are those that live on and persist with titles in infamy.

Whether Legendary or Mythical, seeing a shiny Pokemon of any of these is a stroke of luck. Getting one of these successfully takes countless resets, but some shiny forms are better than others. There are many cases where a shiny Pokemon is uninteresting compared to the standard version of the Pokemon, but in this article, we’ll be looking at the ones that look the best.

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10. Manaphy

Manphy Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

It may look different, but Manaphy is a great shiny Pokemon. The teal color is far brighter than the original blue, especially when you look at the original spritework that came about during Generation 4. The new teal coloration makes Manaphy much more cute to look at, making it an excellent shiny to hunt for your team. Competitively, Manaphy holds up well, having access to moves like Aqua Ring to bolster its already robust defenses.

9. Meloetta

Meloetta Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Meloetta is another example of a Pokemon with only a slight color change from its original form but enough of one to make an impact. Instead of a thin green, it boasts a more robust cyan color, the notes being green instead. With the color matching Meloetta’s eyes, this Pokemon is appealing, whether you’re viewing the original sprite-work from 2010 or the current Pokemon Home sprite that we have here in the image above.

8. Genesect

Genesect Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Having shiny Pokemon look much different from the original is always a plus, especially if they still have the same aesthetic as before despite the palette change. Genesect is an example of a shiny Pokemon done well, going from purple to the opposite end of the color wheel: red. This works astoundingly well with Genesect’s form, almost reminiscent of Scizor. It almost looks more natural as a red, robotic Pokemon than it ever did with purple.

7. Deoxys

Deoxys Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

The speedy, form-changing Pokemon Deoxys looks hardly out of place with a wild color change. Considering that it’s an alien, Deoxys’ original look seems quite tame compared to other Pokemon that romp around on Earth. However, the shiny form changes all that with some high-contrast yellow and teal, wrapping it up with some pink accents just to throw in a color that no one would expect. This version of Deoxys almost looks more alien than the original, which only applies more so as you look at the other forms.

6. Arceus

Arceus Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Arceus is a slightly uncanny-looking Pokemon already, with the unusual structure surrounding the midsection. Looking at its shiny form, it looks like a standard recolor until you begin testing its type-changing ability with a few Plates. When you change the coloration of your Arceus using plates, each of those has shiny forms as well. While they all follow the same general pattern, the general look of the shiny form is just a tad more intimidating than Arceus’ original white and gold look, especially considering the black accents on other parts of Arceus’ body.

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5. Jirachi

Jirachi Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Jirachi is another simple yet enticing change that comes with its shiny form. It may not have a total color overhaul, but everything about this Pokemon is different, even the main body color. The red tags instead of blue is a charming difference, definitely making this Pokemon stand out with its shiny form. Even the yellow is a different shade, being more pale than the original yellow that you see on the regular coloration of Jirachi.

4. Victini

Victini Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

If you’ve been looking for a Pokémon with a Christmasy appearance, look no further than the shiny form of Victini. The only thing this Pokémon would need to complete the Delibird look is to have some green eyes. Otherwise, the shiny form of Victini looks fantastic for a shiny Pokémon, featuring a completely different color palette than the original—one that’s surprising when compared to the oranges that the standard Victini has.

3. Mew

Mew Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

“Mew’s shiny form is adorable, featuring a baby blue hue that contrasts with the pink of the original. This shiny variant is an excellent example of a Pokémon that takes the color palette and completely switches things around. The only aspect that doesn’t change is Mew’s eyes, which remain blue. This creates an interesting effect because now Mew is blue through and through, offering a stunning look for the mythical Pokémon that rivals the original.

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2. Celebi

Celebi Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Celebi is an example of a shiny Pokemon that reverses the color palette instead of changing it completely. While this Pokemon is usually green with pink accents, the shiny form switches those colors around to create an even more alien-looking Pokemon. Celebi gets points for being adorable as a shiny, looking more like a fairy than a forest guardian.

1. Shaymin

Shaymin Shiny Mythical Pokemon
Image by GameFreak

Shaymin makes the top of the list for being one of the cutest shiny Pokemon around. Shaymin is cute, but the teal coloration adds to the sparkle that Shaymin naturally provides. This shiny form also carries over to the Sky Form of Shaymin, making both an appealing, refreshing teal color.