Top 20 LEGO Fortnite Skins

Which of the Fortnite skins actually look good in LEGO Fortnite’s blocky and minimalistic style?

Image by Gamepur

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Over 1200 Fortnite Skins received a LEGO makeover when Fortnite released LEGO Fortnite mode. But let’s be honest; only a select few are actually top-tier.

Fortnite just gave us all a new factor to consider before spending our valuable V-bucks on a new skin: does it come with a LEGO version? And if it does, does it just look like a generic yellow LEGO person with a beanie? You’ll be looking at the front and back of this Fortnite skin’s head for quite a lot of time, so you can choose the best of the best.

Blackheart LEGO Fortnite Skin

Blackheart is the king of Pirate hostile mobs in LEGO Fortnite. Or at least that’s my headcanon for him when I play LEGO mode. In a sea of generic skins, Blackheart’s beard and golden hues make him stand out as one of the top LEGO Fortnite skins.

Oro LEGO Fortnite Skin

The regular Oro skin is probably one of the coolest skins I’ve ever seen in non-blocky modes. Translating the badassery of wearing this skin to LEGO format isn’t easy, but the team behind Fortnite pulled it off. It’s a standout LEGO Fortnite skin, boasting impressive aesthetics without being relegated to mere cuteness.


Meowscles raised a few eyebrows when it was originally added in Chapter 2. However, it quickly rose in popularity and found its spot among Fortnite players’ favorite skins. I find it fascinating how this LEGO skin goes from a jacked torso to an adorable, overly realistic head without looking ridiculous.

Frozen Fishtick LEGO Fortnite Skin

Who doesn’t love Fishtick skins? They’re iconic, even if they have a bit of a spin, like the Frozen Fishtick. In LEGO Fortnite, this skin fits right in with the cold Frostlands, especially if you take him for a swim.

Zero LEGO Fortnite Skin

The Zero Skin has sort of lost relevance over the years in Fortnite. While it’s been a while since I last saw someone sporting this skin in Battle Royale Mode, the LEGO version of this Fortnite skin has a really sick design. Zero’s hair, especially, has a really cool glow when you spin him around.

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The Brat LEGO Fortnite Skin

Food skins have always been a fan favorite among Fortnite fans. However, food in LEGO format has been kind of hit or miss. The Brat pulls off the blocky design and emerges as one of the top LEGO Fortnite skins in the game’s current version.

Rox LEGO Fortnite Skin

We don’t get a lot of female LEGO Fortnite skins that don’t look bland and generic. Rox is a Season 9 skin that looks really cute in LEGO mode, especially due to the colors of her outfit.

Monks LEGO Fortnite Skin

There is something about the Monks skin that really creeps me out. Perhaps it’s the embroidered texture. However, those same embroidered details are what make it look fantastic as a LEGO Fortnite skin. It looks adorable and fits right in with the LEGO world.

Peely LEGO Fortnite Skin

Look, if I didn’t group these three together in a single item, we’d have three entries in this top 20 LEGO Fortnite skins of just different versions of Peely. Peely is one of my favorite Fortnite skins, but he’s just not great for Battle Royale. However, I think he may have found his place in LEGO Fortnite. Whether you’re going for Bone Peely, Frost Peely or just regular Peely, you’re in for a treat.

Fabio Sparklemane LEGO Fortnite Skin

If you managed to get your hands on Fabio Sparklemane during Chapter 2, then I see no reason not to unleash them in LEGO mode. He is one of the coolest Fortnite skins, and has been magnificently rendered as a LEGO Fortnite skin.

Cube Assassin LEGO Fortnite Skin

There are about a hundred hooded LEGO Fortnite skins. As you can imagine, the concept can get boring pretty quickly. However, one hooded assassin stands tall: The Cube Assassin. The neon pinks and purples make this Fortnite LEGO skin stand out from the pool of uninteresting hooded skins.

Etheria LEGO Fortnite Skin

Etheria is one of the most unique LEGO Fortnite skins in the game’s current version. Everything from the color of her skin to the shape of her black horns makes her stand out.

Crackabella LEGO Fortnite Skin

The Crackabella skin is already one of the most striking Fortnite skins out there. If I ran into a skin that striking in Battle Royale, I’d just unalive myself and let them have the Victory. However, in LEGO mode, Crackabella looks less scary and much more badass, which, to me, makes it one of the top LEGO Fortnite skins.

Dark Bomber LEGO Fortnite Skin

Brite Bomber is already in LEGO Fortnite, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to reunite them with their darker, emo sister, Dark Bomber. Her T-shirt is arguably the edgiest part of this skin.

Fishstick LEGO Fortnite Skin

The classic Fishtick skin has a magnificent rendition in LEGO Fortnite. Fishtick is one of the most used Fortnite skins, and with good reason. It’s a cool-looking skin that doesn’t compromise performance in Battle Royale. I think they’ve completely nailed the LEGO version.

Drift LEGO Fortnite Skin

Though I don’t love how the Drift skin plays, I do adore its design. I think this LEGO Fortnite skin is even cooler-looking in blocky mode. If I had a chance, I would add more gold to make it shine brighter, but it looks great t even in its current state.

DJ Yonder LEGO Fortnite Skin

The DJ Yonder Fortnite skin is something no one asked for, and everyone quickly forgot about it. However, I’m seeing a rise in popularity for this robotic animal DJ in LEGO Fortnite skin. It’s definitely got a unique look about it.

Beef Boss LEGO Fortnite Skin

Let’s have one more food-themed skin LEGO Fortnite skin for the road, shall we? The Beef Boss skin looks even more flamboyant in LEGO Fortnite. Plus, it’s super funny when you have them eat a Spicy Burger.

Merry Marauder LEGO Fortnite Skin

The Christmas spirit is palpable in Fortnite, especially if you decide to become everyone’s favorite gingerbread cookie who’s in a perpetually angry state. While this skin might look a bit odd in Fortnite’s regular modes, I think the LEGO Fortnite skin nailed this design.

Crackshot LEGO Fortnite Skin

I don’t think Crackshot was designed with the intention of scaring players away, but it might as well be the most terrified LEGO Fortnite skin out there. That terrifying face is just why it’s one of the best LEGO Fortnite skins in the game,