How to Find Iron & How To Craft Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

Iron is another hefty resource you need to find in LEGO Fortnite, and this guide shows you where to find it to start making Iron Bars.

Where to find Iron and craft Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

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Iron is one of the more difficult resources for you to find while playing LEGO Fortnite. You’ll spend a good amount of time trying to track it down, but it should be in a reasonably reliable place, giving you the chance to unlock Iron Bars.

You will want to prepare yourself before trying to track down iron. It’s in a location that can prove dangerous, and you want to make sure you have the best tools available to you when you attempt to harvest them. Here’s what you need to know about how to find iron and how to craft iron bars in LEGO Fortnite.

Where to Find Iron in LEGO Fortnite

How to find Iron in LEGO Fortnite
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You can find iron while exploring caves in the snowy region of your LEGO Fortnite world. The only tool that can harvest iron is the Epic Pickaxe, which requires you to have an Epic Forest Axe to cut down Frostpine trees and make Frostpine Rods.

The snowy region of LEGO Fortnite is a dangerous location. Much like the desert, be sure to bring items to protect you from the cold, such as the spicy burger or the Inner Flame totem. Both increase your cold resistance, keeping you warm while you explore this region of your LEGO Fortnite world. After you have enough Frostpines to create enough Frostpine Rods, embark on your journey to any snowy regions, and try to hunt down the caves in this area.

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These caves are dangerous, full of wolves and skeletons that are ready to hunt you down while you’re here. This area is colder than the outside of the mountain, so you’ll have to protect against the freezing temperatures here. You can then use your Epic Pickaxe on any of the Iron deposits you find and begin harvesting them. Once you have enough in your inventory, bring them back to your LEGO Fortnite village and place them in your Metal Smelter.

How to Make Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

Like the copper you find in the lava caves of your LEGO Fortnite world, iron will melt down in the Metal Smelter. It will take some time to create the iron bars, and it also requires you to bring two Brightcore into the smelter to break it down. You’ll want to do this several times for several crafting recipes, which means you’ll want to prepare to make multiple trips to the snowy mountains to collect iron and bring it back to your village.