What Are Golden POIs In Fortnite OG? Fortnite Hotspots Explained

Land in a Golden Hotspot for a chance to snag the best loot in Fortnite OG —at the cost of your own life, probably.

Golden Hotspot Fortnite OG

Screenshot by Gamepur

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As you’re diving through the map in your umbrellas, surfboards and Kuramas, you’ll notice that some spots of the map are now colored in gold in Fortnite OG.

This is, thankfully, not a design error but the return of a major gameplay mechanic from Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1. In an attempt to lure every player to the Cornucopia Hunger Games-style, Epic Games has implemented Golden Hotspots back in Fortnite OG. Here, you’ll find loot but also loads of trouble. In this guide, I’ll uncover what they’re all about and why you should care that Golden Hotspots are back.

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What Are Golden Hotspots in Fortnite?

Golden POI Fortnite OG
Screenshot by Gamepur

The spots marked with gold in Fortnite OG signal an area that hides special loot behind a secret minigame.

When you reach a golden hotspot, keep an eye on the sky for tiny drones. Shoot them down and collect the goodies they drop. Sometimes, it’s a jackpot; sometimes, it’s just a green shotgun.

In Fortnite OG, Golden Hotspots pack way more loot than your regular hangouts in the game. That means everyone wants a piece of the pie. While it’s still under the radar, it’s the perfect time to swoop in and claim your loot without much hassle. These hotspots will get crowded pretty quickly, but they’re also a solid chance to score legendary drops. No pain, no gain, I guess?

However, don’t expect to drop at the same spot game after game, shoot three drones, and then bounce out. In each game, the spots marked with gold letters will change. My advice is that you open the map, locate one of Fortnite OG’s golden hotspots, and head to one as quickly as you can. There might be up to three of these hotspots per game, so try your luck at whichever might be less crowded.

Why Should You Visit Golden Hotspots in Fortnite OG

Screenshot by Gamepur

Every player should visit golden hotspots in Fortnite OG because they can provide some incredibly powerful weapons and items. These will help players survive for longer and could make the difference between a Victory Royale and second place when the match ends. We try to get to at least one every match so we’re armed to the teeth as soon as possible.