Top 5 Shiny Hunts For Pokemon Go – November 2023

With so many favorite featured Pokemon for November this year, it’s the perfect time to Shiny Hunt in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go November Shiny

Image via the Pokemon Company

The calendar year might be winding down, but events in Pokemon Go show no signs of slowing down. This November features a number of events that will increase your chances to snag Shiny versions of various Pokemon.

With the Festival of Lights, Stoplight Hours, Community Days, and more, November is packed with opportunities to catch plenty of new Pokemon. Thanks to increased spawns on the map, you’re more likely to snag a Shiny version of featured event Pokemon. To help you plan for your month of Shiny hunting, we’re breaking down the best Pokemon to seek out in November 2023.

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Shiny Pokemon for November 2023


Mareep Shiny Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Electric-type sheep Pokemon Mareep is getting a double feature this month. This Pokemon is currently showing up more frequently due to the Festival of Lights event, and Mareep will also be the star of November’s Community Day: Classic on November 25th.

With all of these events bringing more Mareep to the Pokemon Go map, it’s a great time to catch as many as you can to try and snag a Shiny version.


Shiny Chinchou
Image via The Pokemon Company

Chinchou got the spotlight on November 7th and its time in center stage doesn’t end there. This Pokemon is also one of the light-up features for the Festival of Lights event that runs through November 12th, meaning the map is still spawning more Chinchou than usual, and yes, Chinchou can be Shiny in Pokemon Go.

If you’re still seeking a Shiny spin on this underwater Pokemon, November is a great time to get out there and try to find one.


Buneary Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Another Pokemon we’ll see more often in November for Pokemon Go is Buneary, the star of Stoplight Hour on November 14th. This Pokemon will hop around the map for an hour that day, so you can mark your calendars to try and find a Shiny version.

You’ll get double XP for evolving Pokemon during this week’s Spotlight Hour, so it’s a great time to evolve your Shiny Buneary into a Shiny Lopunny as well.


Shiny Tadbulb Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Tadbulb made its Pokemon Go debut with the start of November’s Festival of Lights event, and the Shiny version arrived right alongside it.

Tadbulb will be appearing more often during the span of the intro event, and most trainers won’t have a Shiny version yet given that it’s a brand new addition to the game. If you want to be among the first to add Shiny Tadbulb to your team, November is the month to get out there and Shiny hunt it.


Shiny Lechonk Pokemon Go
Image via The Pokemon Company

Do I catch this adorable chonky Pokemon every time it spawns regardless of how many I have? Yes. Is that the only reason Lechonk is on this list? Of course not.

Favoritism aside, Lechonk will get the Spotlight Hour treatment towards the end of the month, meaning we’ll see more pig Pokemon on November 28th. That makes it our final featured Pokemon for the month and an excellent one to Shiny hunt before we head into December.

We may have less light to enjoy in November here in the Northern Hemisphere, but there are plenty of bright, Shiny Pokemon out there to catch in the many Pokemon Go events this month. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to immediately catch an adorable pink Lechonk.