Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day Classic – Dates, Bonuses, & Featured Attacks

Mareep returns for Pokemon Go’s Community Day Classic event in November 2023, and this guide covers everything you need to know.


Image via Niantic

Before we reach the return of every 2023 Community Day for Pokemon Go’s upcoming December 2023 event, we have a Community Day Classic to celebrate. This event revolves around Mareep, and we have the exact dates, bonuses, and featured attacks it can learn by evolving to Flaaffy.

This Community Day Classic event for November 2023 will mirror the other Community Days that traditionally appear. However, the one difference is that there won’t be any four-star raids to capture additional Mareep after the event has ended. However, there is still a Special Research you can purchase. Here’s what you need to know about all dates, every bonus, and the featured attack for Ampharos that you can unlock during Pokemon Go’s November 2023 Community Day Classic event.

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When Is Pokemon Go’s November 2023 Community Day Classic for Mareep?

It has been confirmed that Mareep’s Community Day Classic event for Pokemon Go will be in November 2023. The exact date is November 25, close to the end of the month, from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local time zone. Throughout the event, Mareep will appear in large volumes worldwide, giving you an increased chance to catch a powerful one and evolve it into Ampharos. You’ll have until two hours after the event has wrapped up in your area to earn the featured attack in Pokemon Go.

All Pokemon Go November 2023 Community Day Classic Bonuses for Mareep

There are a handful of bonuses all Pokemon Go players will receive during this Community Day Classic event. These should mirror the rewards you’ve received during other Community Day events, only Mareep’s second form, Flaaffy, won’t be appearing in four-star raids following the end of the event, which typically give players additional chances to find Mareep in the wild. For those who participated in Pokemon Go’s Wooper Community Day, this event should feel similar.

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These are all the rewards every Pokemon Go player receives during the November 2023 Community Day Classic event. The rewards are available to everyone, even if you don’t plan to participate in the event.

  • 1/4 Hatch Distance when Eggs are placed in Incubators during the event
  • A Pokemon will appear through photobombs
  • Incense activated during the event will last for three hours
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours

Should you evolve Mareep’s second form, Flaaffy, into its final form, Ampharos, during Pokemon Go’s Community Day Class, it will learn the charged attack, Dragon Pulse. It’s an attack that can do 90 power and requires 60 energy to use in PvP battles. It’s a reasonably powerful attack, capable of shaking up Ampharos’ normal moveset, and could prove to be an excellent move when you Mega Evolve Flaaffy in raid battles.