Top 10 Characters To Reroll For In Reverse 1999, Ranked

There’s a wide range of characters to unlock in Reverse 1999, but some are worth rerolling to obtain early on.


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Reverse 1999 is a time-traveling strategy RPG in which players can unlock dozens of fleshed-out characters to recruit and help them progress quests across time and space. However, some characters are better than others and will make the game’s opening so much easier.

In Reverse 1999, players must choose a party of characters for every quest and situation they encounter. It will help them beat every enemy they encounter and make use of the items they collect as they attempt to collect all the characters on offer. Knowing which ones are the best is tricky, though, which is why we’ve outlined the best ones to reroll for below.

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The Top 10 Characters to Reroll For in Reverse 1999 From Best to Worst

Below, we’ve ranked the ten best characters in Reverse 1999 players should reroll for from best to worst. While all of these characters are well worth having in a part at the start of the game, some are better than others.

1) Regulus

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Regulus, from The First Drop of Rain Banner, is a versatile character in Reverse 1999 who will synergize with most team compositions. She’s a damage dealer who benefits from increased critical chances and has a high AP since she likes to take every other turn-off. This is her only downside, but it’s more than made up for by the buff her passive provides to her follow-up attacks.

We adore Regulus, as does most of the community. She’s one of the most iconic characters in the game, and because of her ability to work with any other characters, she can be carried from start to finish and never left by the sidelines.

2) Eternity

eternity in reverse 1999
Image via Reverse 1999 Wiki

Also from The First Drop of Rain Banner is Eternity. She’s a powerful tank who can take on almost anything by herself. She gains a lot of useful immunities as she’s upgraded, but she needs about five rounds for her passive to become useful. She also must be paired with a healer in the early game, or she’ll be utterly useless.

Eternity is our kind of character because she plays the long game. There’s nothing more satisfying than a strategy paying off after five or ten turns, and she’s the one to build that around with an entire team to support her.

3) Lilya

lilya reverse 1999
Image via Reverse 1999 Wiki

Lilya is the final character worth picking up from The First Drop of Rain Banner. She has the highest single-target damage potential in the game and is mostly focused on critical hits, making her an incredible asset. However, because she’s so damage-focused, she needs a team around her to help support and heal her so she can do what she does best. Hit hard.

Lilya is the definition of a one-trick-pony. She needs a lot of support to become useful, so the team will need to buff her, take damage, and heal her while they all wait for her to deal a devastating blow to an insurmountable foe.

4) An-an Lee

Image via Bluepoch

Players can get An-an Lee through the Amid The Water Banner. She works well with most teams, has great survivability and buffs, and has a generous amount of AP, thanks to her ability to buff her cards. While she’s by no means useless, she’s never able to master any particular aspect of battle, leaving her lacking in many ways.

We’re not that fussed about An-an Lee. She’s a good character to have in a team that will keep going while other characters fall quickly, but there are so many better characters to pick up and add to a roster.

5) Centurion

centurion reverse 1999
Image via Reverse 1999 Wiki

Centurion is one of the strongest characters players can get their hands on in Reverse 1999. She can deal a tonne of damage and has attacks that either focus on dealing area-of-effect or skill-based damage. She can inflict powerful status effects and gain self-sustainability in the late game once she’s been upgraded.

We and many other players have very little to say about Centurion that’s bad. While she’s got the adaptability and strength to work in most compositions, some won’t adapt. It comes down to the characters a player has to work with, and sometimes they won’t always blend well with Centurion.

6) Alien T

alien t reverse 1999
Image via Bluepoch

Alien T is one of our favorite characters in Reverse 1999 for no other reason than it’s a UFO sucking up a cow. We grew up in the countryside surrounded by cows, and UFOs were a big part of our childhood interests. So there’s always a slight hope that we’ll land Alien T whenever we reroll for a character in the game.

In battle, it’s great at taking damage and taunting foes into attacking it over another character. When paired with Eternity, for example, it can boost the team’s effectiveness in dealing damage over time.

7) Bkornblume

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Bkornblume is all about attacking enemies and providing support. She’s able to dole out hits to keep enemies occupied and whittle them down with incredible focus. Especially when compared to other characters in Reverse 1999.

The only trouble we see with Bkornblume is that she’s purely damage-focused. She doesn’t have another backup attribute to lean on, so she can seem a little useless in that respect. She’s got to be the main attacker, or the team will fall apart, and that doesn’t gel well with every party a player might want to put together.

8) Charlie

charlie reverse 1999
Image via Reverse 1999 Wiki

Most players regard Charlie as a great carry from Reverse 1999’s release. She doesn’t synergize well with most characters, so she’s hard to use in a party that will need to work together to make the most of their abilities.

One of the best aspects of Charlie is the ease of getting portraits for her. Reverse 1999 is a gatcha game, so players will pick up multiple copies of the same characters. This applies multipliers to that character instead of lumping players with several of the same character. It’s always worth boosting a character’s stats where possible, and Charlie can be one that players can use throughout the game’s story because she’ll pop up so often.

9) A Knight

Image via Bluepoch

A Knight is another one of Reverse 1999’s crazy characters that we love. Similar to Alien T., it’s mainly an attacker, focusing on dealing damage over anything else, but it can provide a buff to every other character if it manages to get a kill.

While A Knight isn’t brilliant, we love seeing it in the game. We’re not sure if it’s just the fact that it’s a pair of arms and a sword or the mystery of who is behind them, but we’re always excited when we see the community talking about this character.

10) Druvis III

Image via Bluepoch

Druvis III is a support character in Reverse 1999, and everyone needs at least one. While she can attack and do nothing else, she can apply the Petrify effect, which prevents enemies from acting for a single turn. There’s no situation in which that’s not powerful, and that’s the only reason we’d push to get her while rerolling.

We’re not bothered about Druvis III overall and don’t opt to have her in our party often. Still, she’s not a character to turn down, especially in the early game. We’d say that any other character in this list is worth it instead, though.