Reverse 1999: Unexpected Audience Riddle (Full Walkthrough)

The Unexpected Audience riddle is Reverse 1999’s way of checking if you’re actually playing the game for the plot.

Unexpected Audience Riddle Correct Answer

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tired of those tricky puzzles in Reverse 1999 that demand specific wording? I’m completely with you, but I still want those Tiny Acorns and Clear Drops that the Unexpected Audience Riddle drops, just in case.

Reverse 1999 is a gacha game, and I’m sure all of you are playing it like a character collector simulator. Still, like it or not, these riddles are just part of the package. Embrace them, and you’ll uncover valuable rewards and a dose of lore. Now, let’s tackle this Unexpected Audience riddle beast.

Unexpected Audience Riddle Solution in Reverse 1999

Solve Unexpected Audience Riddle
Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you get to Unexpected Audience after completing mission 3-15, you’ll unlock the following riddle: “George the Oak is already 700 years old. Which animals in the tree listened to that song with you?”

If you’ve been paying attention to the main story, the answer is pretty straightforward. If, like me, you tapped/clicked a bit too fast during the main story, here’s the solution: Red squirrels and woodpeckers

Just make sure there aren’t any typos in that text box. Reverse 1999 is a stickler for spelling and punctuation. If it doesn’t work the first time, double-check those details.

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The key to the Unexpected Audience Riddle in Reverse 1999 lies in a previous cutscene from mission 3-10, “O, Captain!” In that scene, you learn about George the Oak’s history, its 700-year existence, and the critters residing inside, which are — you guessed it! —, red squirrels and woodpeckers.

Once you nail the riddle, you’ll score 20 Clear Drops and 1 Tiny Acorn. The Tiny Acorn will come in handy later, though its exact purpose isn’t revealed yet. Just keep it safe for the future.

Oh, and if this puzzle made you feel like a bad gamer for not knowing anything about Reverse 1999’s lore, you can replay the cutscene in the Story Review section of the Atlas.