Top 10 Pixelmon Designs & Where to Catch Them

Ready to embark on your Pixelmon adventure? Our guide reveals the best designs and where to encounter them. Let’s get you on your way to becoming a Pixelmon master!

Pixelmon is a delightful but robust title that crosses over two significant hitters in the cartoony world. Pokemon has limited words but nearly unlimited monster designs, while Minecraft has an unlimited world but limited monster designs.

Crossing the two over, even in just the most basic way, is a match made in heaven. In Pixelmon the mod, there are Pokemon everywhere for you to catch, collect, and battle with during your adventure. In this guide, we’ll show you how to catch all that you can in Pixelmon, finding where specific Pokemon spawn so that you can get your A-Team together.

10. Axew

Illustration by GameFreak

Axew is a great Pokemon to have, one of the pseudo-legendaries with legendary stats to back up that title. It can evolve into something truly powerful, becoming a companion that can easily take out any kind of mob. If you want to find Axew, they file into the spawn category of land, which means you’ll be finding them more often in the overworld than anywhere else. Axew will only spawn in dirt-based blocks, meaning you can find them on snow, ice, sand, or just regular ground.

9. Noibat

Illustration by GameFreak

If you need a spectacularly cool Flying-type Pokemon, why not Noibat? It evolves into a bass-boosting Pokemon that has the Dragon typing as a backup for supereffective moves. Noivern is the end result of a well-caught Noibat, which is why finding one can be great for your team balance down the line. Pokemon that fall into the Air Spawns act similarly to those that fall into the Ground Spawns. Location-wise, their spawn is no different; they’re just in the air over the same given area that a Land Spawn Pokemon dwells.

8. Seel

Illustration by GameFreak

For Pokemon that are water-dwelling, consider Seel. It evolves into Dewgong, making it a blubbery, cute, yet tanky Pokemon to have in your team. Water-dwelling Pokemon fall into the Water Spawn category, meaning that can spawn in any large body of water. All you need to do to find this Pokemon is keep an eye out any time water is nearby, ready with PokeBalls on the chance that you see one.

7. Staryu

Illustration by GameFreak

You’d think that a Staryu would spawn in the same place as a Seel, but you’d be wrong. There is actually a category in Pixelmon that Pokemon can spawn in that is still a part of the water, but a different section. Staryu is in the category of Pokemon that spawn on the seafloor. Comparatively, Staryu is part of a smaller group when you look at the amount of Pokemon that spawn on the ground and in the air. If you go looking for this reliable Water type, you’ll be pleased to find it more easily than any other Pokemon on this list. Just make sure to bring a few water-breathing potions with you.

6. Caterpie

Illustration by GameFreak

There are spawns in treetops in Pixelmon. One of these Pokemon that spawns above your head is Caterpie, which can be a cute companion to catch if you’re interested in bringing a Butterfree along on your adventure someday. To track down treetop spawning Pokemon, traveling along the treetops themselves can be a good strategy, PokeBall in hand in case you see something you want.

5. Aron

Illustration by GameFreak

Aron is a sturdy Pokemon, evolving to be quite impressive defensively if only you can find it. Aron is part of a simple-to-find yet massively populated spawn group of Pokemon in Pixelmon: cave dwellers. Capturing an Aron is simple. Wander caves, mining as you go, until one appears. The only unfortunate part about trying to capture an Aron is that they’re part of a group of Pokemon that has plenty of other candidates to spawn. It may take a while to rummage around in the dark for one, but caves are the only place where you have a chance.

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4. Lapras

Illustration by GameFreak

If you want a sturdy and iconic Pokemon on your team, consider Lapras. They make up part of the group that spawns on the last spawning category of the water: the surface category. These Pokemon are visible from the shore, only spawning on the surface of the water rather than underneath. The good thing about Lapras is that they’re quite large and, therefore, noticeable. If you stick around the water’s edge for long enough, you’ll be able to spot one.

3. Dratini

Illustration by GameFreak

For a Pokemon that can really turn into a powerhouse down the line, consider Dratini. It evolves into Dragonite, being a formidable Dragon type pseudo legendary with a massive stat pool. It spawns on the seafloor, so while you’re looking for a Staryu, you can also watch for blue snakes on the underwater floor of the world.

2. Heatran

Illustration by GameFreak

One of the more particular spawn locations for Pokemon is the surface of the lava. Heat-loving Pokemon tend to spawn there, more commonly being found in the Nether than anywhere else. If you want to go for Heatran, you’ll find their massive bulk crawling along the surface of the lava as if it were water.

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1. Gengar

Illustration by GameFreak

Ghost types are an interesting case regarding spawn location in Pixelmon. Ghosts tend not to spawn in any kind of outdoor area, so to hope to see any, you’ll need to navigate to the indoors. You can do this by building big locations, creating your own spawn point, or by looking in the villagers’ homes for ghosts that wander the world. Gengar is one of the most powerful Pokemon that spawns only indoors, so don’t relax too leisurely when under your own roof.