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All Xenomorph Abilities and Perks in Dead by Daylight

Get ready to hunt as a Xenomorph.

The Xenomorph abilities in Dead by Daylight are a testament to how ferocious the creature can be. Hallmarked by hostility with plenty of ways to parade its own deadliness, the Xenomorph is now in Dead by Daylight, stalking within the Fog. If you’re looking to understand your enemy better, here’s everything you need to know about the abilities the Xenomorph can use in Dead by Daylight.

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As one of the most brutal and efficient killers in sci-fi history, the Xenomorph is a trademark machine for the hunt. It can navigate and catch its prey with expert skill. But how do those skills transfer to Dead by Daylight? Besting the Xenomorph certainly will be challenging, in fact, comparatively, they may have even nerfed the Xenomorph a little bit.

All Xenomorph’s Perks and Abilities (Currently) in Dead by Daylight

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Below we have all the abilities and perks of the Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight. First, the abilities:

  1. Hidden Pursuit: Hidden Pursuit is a name for the series of tunnels that are available for the Xenomorph on the map during play. Using Control Stations, it can enter and exit these tunnels freely. While in the tunnels or exiting them, the Xenomorph can sense the location of Survivors and help its other abilities cool down.
  2. Runner Mode: Runner Mode is another way for the Xenomorph to navigate as it uses all fours to pursue Survivors. It’s more stealthy with this ability activated.
  3. Control Stations: Exiting Control Stations is a tactical move for someone playing as a Xenomorph. During such a time, they can track Survivors, stage attacks, and mark others with Killer Instinct.

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Next, the perks that the Xenomorph can use:

  1. Ultimate Weapon: The Xenomorph can use Ultimate Weapon by opening a locker. During this 30-second window, Survivors that enter the Terror Radius will scream and be blinded for 30 seconds. The cooldown for this perk extends the more it’s used.
  2. Rapid Brutality: This perk causes the Xenomorph to no longer gain Bloodlust.
  3. Alien Instinct: This perk only activates when a Xenomorph hooks a survivor. Once activated, the Xenomorph will see the aura of the farthest away alive Survivor.

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