Tour de France 2021 controls – Full guide for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Tour de France, Tour de France.

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Ever wanted to know what it’s like to compete in the Tour de France? Fans of the event and cycling enthusiasts can do so with Tour de France 2021. Cyanide and Nacon’s simulation game attempts to take players into the world of cycling, as the title includes classic races, management modes, and the opportunity to compete in the event mentioned above in France.

If you’re new to the Tour de France franchise, you might be wondering how to work the controls in the game. We have you covered as we take a look at the controls for this year’s game.

Xbox One

  • Pedal – RT
  • Brake – LT
  • Turn – Left Stick
  • Team Comm – B
  • Attack – A
  • Sustained Effort Attack – A (Hold)
  • Follow – X
  • Use Feeds – Y
  • Effort Control – LB (Down) and RB (Up)
  • Aerodynamics – RB
  • Race Info – Left Pad
  • Camera – RS
  • Change Camera – Right Stick (Hold)

PlayStation 4

  • Pedal – R2
  • Brake – L2
  • Turn – Left Analog Stick
  • Team Comm – Circle
  • Attack – X
  • Sustained Effort Attack – X (Hold)
  • Follow – Square
  • Use Feeds – Triangle
  • Effort Control – L1 (Down) and R1 (Up)
  • Aerodynamics – R1
  • Race Info – D-Pad
  • Camera – Right Analog Stick
  • Change Camera – Right Analog Stick (Hold)

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If you’re playing on PC, keep in mind that a keyboard and mouse are not supported for Tour de France 2021. Controllers are mandatory, so be sure to refer to the controls above, depending on whether you will be using a PlayStation or Xbox controller.