Unable to play CrossfireX Operation Catalyst error, explained

Why can’t you play it?


Image via CrossfireX YouTube channel

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CrossfireX features a campaign that was written by none other than Remedy Entertainment. However, players are having trouble accessing one part of that campaign, Operation Catalyst. This guide explains the CrossfireX Operation Catalyst error, what causes it, and how to fix it.

Why can’t you play CrossfireX Operation Catalyst?

If you’re unable to play CrossfireX Operation Catalyst, it’s almost certainly because you downloaded the game through Game Pass. The CrossfireX development team identified this issue soon after the game went live and posted about it through the game’s official Twitter account.

The only way to fix this error at the time of writing is to purchase the game and download it separately from the Game Pass download. The error seems to be entirely restricted to the Game Pass version of CrossfireX, so if you bypass the subscription service, you should be able to play Operation Catalyst. However, it’s worth waiting for an official fix from the development team since an error in something as crucial as the campaign will probably be fixed within a matter of hours.