CrossfireX’s executive producer personally addresses players regarding launch bugs and glitches

Mr. Boo believes players deserve more than patch notes.

Image via Remedy Entertainment

CrossfireX was released last week exclusively for Xbox. The title is also available for all Game Pass subscribers, though only part of its campaign is accessible through the service. Within 12 hours of launch, the development team posted a roadmap for when an update addressing the most prevalent bugs would be fixed. However, more feedback over the weekend has caused Executive Producer Sooro Boo to write and publish a letter directly to players.

Mr. Boo’s letter discusses each of the core issues plaguing CrossfireX at the time of writing. He covers the issue, what causes it, and what the team is doing to fix it. This includes controller sensitivity issues, balance improvements for the “Boogieman,” and CAR-4 ADS issues. 

Each of the issues discussed in the letter mainly relates to its multiplayer game mode. Outside of this mode, players are annoyed at how short the campaign, written by Remedy Entertainment, is. For many, this is the heart of the CrossfireX experience, and some say they managed to get through it all within two hours.

The letter ends by stating that while there will always be bugs and glitches in games when they launch, the issues in CrossfireX feel like a betrayal of the trust fans put in the development team. Mr. Boo adds that there’s no excuse for this, which is why he wrote this letter directly to players to apologize and offer a plan of action for the game’s future.